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Kill bill-are you experienced?

You may have heard the stories about Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon being an excellent soundtrack to The Wizard of Oz. But did you know the same trick has the same effect on KILL BILL?

Pop in Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced?”. Hit play as soon “Our Feature Presentation” ends and start the Jimi CD. Here’s what you’re bound to notice:

1.Hey Joe

(Lyrics-“I’m goin’ down to shoot my ol’ lady. You know I caught her messin’ around with another man”)

Bill Shoots his ex-lover

2.Stone Free

(Lyrics-"Feel my heart kind a gettin’ hot"

Vengeance flashback plays

Guitar solo plays during the knife fight.

3.Purple Haze

Matches the tone once the fight has ended

(Lyrics-“What ever it is, that girl put a spell on me”)

It looks like The Bride thinks this when she sees Vernita’s child

4.51st Anniversary

(Lyrics-“A fifty years they’ve been married”)

The Bride’s narrative talks about Vernita’s marriage

(Lyrics-“LOOK OUT!”)

Vernita tries to shoot The Bride

5.Wind Cries Mary

(Lyrics-“You can hear happiness staggering on down the street”)

The Bride is about to walk to her truck after accomplishing her mission)

6.Highway Chile

(Lyrics-“His dusty boots is his cadillac

Flamin’ hair just a blowin’ in the wind

Ain’t seen a bed in so long it’s a sin

He left home when he was seventeen

The rest of the world he had longed to see

But everybody knows the boss

A rolling stone who gathers no moss”)

Is this the Sheriff’s background?

7.Foxy Lady

Elle Driver’s theme!

8.Manic Depression

(Lyrics-"Drops from my fingers, fingers"

The Bride soon looks at her hands after awaking from her coma

(Lyrics-“Woman so weary, the sweet cause in vain…Manic depression is a frustrating mess”)

Matches The Bride’s sadness after thinking she lost her baby)

9.Red House

(Lyrics-“Wait minute something’s wrong”)

When The Bride falls from bed and realizes her legs won’t cooperate

(Lyrics-“LOOK OUT!”)

Right before Buck loses his heel

10.Can you see me

(Lyrics-"Can you hear me baby?)

“Wiggle your big, toe"

11.Love or confusion

Most of the drum beats match the punches and throws at the beginning of “Origin of O-Ren"

12.I don’t live today

(Lyrics-” Will I live tomorrow?

Well, I just can’t say

Will I live tomorrow?

Well, I just can’t say

But I know for sure

I don’t live today”)

O-ren’s mom is about to get killed.

A drumroll matches perfectly to the fire which sets the house ablaze

13.May this be love

(Lyrics-“So let them laugh laugh at me”)

O-Ren’s target is laughing in his car.

The music is matched perfectly to the assassination

15.Third Stone from the sun

This instrumental track matches with Hanzo’s attic scene


Keep in mind that I just thought up this idea! I knew that “Hey Joe” resembles the opening scene of the movie, so I just decided “What the hell” and watched the rest of the movie with Jimi’s album on and couldn’t believe how the music and lyrics matched to the movie!

All we need now is another album that finishes the rest of the movie!

So if you happen to know of an interesting

Wow, that is awesome… :o

I re-played this a few hours ago just to see if I wasn’t imagining things, but amazingly, I’m not!

A few other things I didn’t notice the first time.

On Manic Depression, Jimi yells the same time The Bride awakes from her coma!

Jimi yells out “YEAH!” right when Pretty Riki (Or Bill?) kicks the cigar. In fact, the music that follows sounds BETTER than what actually appears on the movie!

Notice I didn’t include track 14-Fire on the list because I didn’t notice anything that matched. But I guess you can look at it as if it’s the song that’s playing in Hanzo’s cafe! ;D

So yeah, if you’ve got this CD, try this experiment out. And like I said before, we need another album to finish off the movie!

Re-visited this.

Try playing “Fire” right when the 88’s jump from Johnny Mo’s back. It’s an EXCELLENT match! It ends right when B. jumps upstairs, I need to find another follow-up song that could match all the way through to the O-Ren fight.


This sounds kinda cool. I seen some of the Dark Side of Oz or whatever they call it a little while back and it didnt really match that well.

Where did you hear about this Laydback?

Wow, Laydback, you’re a genius! I gotta try this, I love Hendrix. That’s the weirdest coincidence I’ve ever heard of.

This is very cool! Ive done the Dark Side of The Moon-Oz thing so I’m gonna try this.

Now we just need an album to play with Volume 2!

I got to try that sometime

The track list you posted is not in the right order. ???

you could burn the songs in order as laydback has them listed

Yes… But why did “laydback” listen to AYE that way in the first place.

no clue.

[quote=“Coffee Shop”]
That’s the weirdest coincidence I’ve ever heard of.


i gotta agree this is freekin awsome- now i actually do have somethin to watch… gotta go buy that hendrix cd though if its burnt cant it be thrown off? after watching the Dark Side of Oz I eventually learned that if you watch t.v. and listen to music and envolve enough pot and or shrooms and or acid anything will sync up- BUT, it’s still pretty fukin’ cool for someone with nothing better to do with their boring nebraskan life. t.y. ;D

Ol’ thread bump

[quote="$5 Shake"]
Yes… But why did “laydback” listen to AYE that way in the first place.

I didn’t realize it, but the CD I got was a special re-release in '93