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"Kill Bill" and "Talk to Her"

I wonder if there is a connection between the coma motive in “Kill Bill” and Amodovar’s masterpiece “Talk to her”? I think I saw some references. For example: Benigno rapes Alicia and Buck does the same thing with Beatrix. Also Buck talks to The Bride :"…my name is Buck and I’m here to fuck." And finaly Alicia and Beatrix are both in coma for 4 (four) years.

Does anyone see any other references between these movies?

im confused

Don’t forget the chapter titles just like in Kill Bill. And the snake in the woman’s house. And there’s also that cartoon-like sequence in Talk to Her just like there’s one in Kill Bill.

Yes, see now? But Kill Bill is made one year after Talk to Her.

QT is a friend of Pedro Almodovar also :stuck_out_tongue: