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Kill Bill Action Figure Stop Motion Short Film

Hey Everybody,

This is a stop-motion animation short I made using Kill Bill action figures and Ninja Turtles. It is an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. The short about 11 minutes and 40 seconds long. A further description of the “film” and motivation for making it can be read at the site.

The film is in H.264 format and is about 71 MEGABYTES. So I would not recommend this for dial-up users.

Also, I use unlicensed music and the Miramax distribution intro (this was not produced by Miramax :slight_smile: ). If this is not ok, I will remove the file from my site until this post is deleted. Let me know what you think.

Here is a link


I always knew you can chop somebody´s arm off with a nunchaku.

Nice idea, man. But that thing with the Miramax intro at the beginning? I don´t know… it´s probably not, uhm, “advisable” to use it.

Yeah, I suppose. I just put it in for to give it a Kill Bill 2 effect. I removed the “intro” and am encoding a new file to upload.

The new file has about 12 seconds of black in the begining, since I did not feel like re-syncing all of the sound. The footprint of the file is now 51 megs.

I’ve always thought that if you didn’t sell it, you could use whatever footage you wanted. It’s the same way with songs, if you aren’t gaing profit then what should the artist care? I’d suggest putting the logo back on.

yes you can only get in to trouble if you sell it.