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Kill Bill 2 Promo Hologrpahic Poster

Okay, ive noticed that in places like Sam Goody, FYE, Best Buy, and Circuit city all i have a hologrpahic poster of Kill Bill 2. It shows The bride and she moves in different ways swining her sword when u look at it in different angles. (sorry if that was a lame describtion, but im sure u know what a holo/3d poster is lol) Anyways i went to each store and each store said that an employee called dibs on it! Im willing to pay anything to buy this off of someone. If anyone knows of a site or someone willing to sell this promo please post it on here…thanks. Oh and are the asian box sets real? Are they a real official release by Miramax? There soo damn expensive and im not sure if i want to shell out 130 on ebay for one. Is it really worth it? thanks!

do you think they offer that at or something like that?

Damn, they didnt have it. It really sucks! I hope some of you know what im talking about, altho maybe these posters were only promos for southern california. But this poster is the best i have seen for kill bill. Its red, and it has uma with the sword. I looks exactly like the DVD for volume 2, except she moves around when u look at it in different angles, i know it sounds soo cooL! she actually swings the sword when u look at it.

I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about, saw it here up at my best buy but it is gone now :frowning: