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Keying of the Car

Ok remember the part where John Travolta’s character Vincent Vega is talking to Eric Stoltz’s character Lance about someone keying his car? Well according to popular rumor and supposedly confirmed by Tarantino himself is the fact that it was Bruce Willis’s character Butch Coolidge that is the one responsible for keying his car. Of course you will have to remember the scene at the bar to catch this and where it falls into the sequence of the story.

Yep, I always assumed that it was Butch but how did he know which car was Vincent’s?

how did vince get to butch’s appartment, to use the can there? in his car. so after butch kills vince, he goes outside… and guess what’s standing there in all it’s pride: vince’s malibu.


to Tarintino Forum Admin:

Butch keyed Vinent’s car at the bar after Vince and Jules show up to give Marcellus the case. I know this because on the new DVD on the Trivia Track it says so. And how could you say Vince stoped to pee at Butch’s appaertment? He was waiting for Butch with Marcellus(marcellus having two coffee cups when Butch runs him over). And how could Vince have known about his scratched car after he was dead? >:(

sorry, my mistake :slight_smile:

totally cool shit, never knew that butch keyed the car!

weird that you dont get an extra hint in the movie…or do you get an extra hint that butch keyed it? anybody?

I really didn’t think about it with facts or anything, but I just assumed it was Butch because of the little dispute he had with Vince at the bar.

I always wondered…how could Butch key vincent’s car BECAUSE there’s a damn good chance that they could have taken a cab to the bar. But then again, I could be wrong.

i also thought they took a cab too since the car they were previously riding in was taken to monster joes…or i guess they hitched a ride to vinces place so he can pick up his car, but why didnt he change clothes then…

in the script it says:

INT. CAR (MOVING) - DAY                     10.

 Vincent Vega looks really cool behind the wheel of a 1964

 cherry-red Chevy Malibu convertible.  From the car radio,


11.   EXT. SALLY LeROY’S - DAY                     11.

    Sally LeRoy’s is a large topless bat by LAX that Marsellus


Vincent’s classic Malibu WHIPS into the near empty parking lot and parks next to a honda civic (butch his car, or actually fabienes).

So maybe it was originally intended to be clearer that butch keyed it…but now highly unlikely cuz, jules and vincent had a cabride…

plus jules was added to that scene, making it seem like this is RIGHT after the diner robbery…where as in the script it makes it seem like Vincent rode home, got his car, then dropped off the case…but in the film Jules has more attachement to the case…he even says he’s gonna deliver it…he holds it in the strip club, and when he has to go to the bathroom, he takes it with him. he doesn’t trust vincent with it…perhaps because of the divine intervention and vince not believing.

[quote]Vincent’s classic Malibu WHIPS into the near empty parking lot and parks next to a honda civic (butch his car, or actually fabienes). [/quote]

If you are refering to the little white hatchback that Butch crashes, Thats a Honda Accord

This is how i see it. Vincent drives to the bar in his malibu. Him and Jules meet there, and take one of the mob’s cars to the apartment (it’s not Jules’ car because he doesn’t know much about it when the Wolf asks). Obviously the mob car never makes it back, and they take a cab to get back to the bar. By the time Vincent’s done talking to Marcellus, he gets out and the malibu’s keyed. Make sense?