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KB (Vol. 1) and PF common details

Probably most of u have noticed the Red Apple cigarettes ad at the airport in KB, or the “square in the air” made by Uma, but there’s also some other detail that reminded me of PF. What about Buck (I think that’s his name), the disgusting rapist male nurse who has a quite peculiar vehicle, which ends up being used by his victim? Buck is a bastard, he gets what he deserves and the Bride uses his “Pussy Wagon” to escape. Doesn’t it remind u of Zed and his chopper “Grace” being used by Butch in PF? Even both keychains (the Z for Zed in PF and the “Pussy Wagon” in KB) are shown in detail in both movies.

Of course, then we have those lovely details that make me love Quentin to bits, like the cereal box where Vernita hides her gun, reading “Kaboom”… but that has nothing to do with PF, it’s just… I love it!

… We all do 8) “Vive le cinéma” ;D

Yeah, Tarantino’s a master of all funny things you have to notice… I personally liked that every seat in the airplane has a samurai sword holder and several people in the airport had samurai swords… And Kiddo has a knife in her boot just like Mr. Blonde… And more things that made me laugh, but cannot be explained in words…