KB 2 - Pei Mei Stone Stairs Location

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Does anyone know where the exact location of the stone stairs was located in China?

ie. where beatrix met Pei Mei?

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Needle in a haystack.

Do you realize how many of those are in China?

yes i realise its a very big place… almost my second home… however, the answer is out there somewhere LOL

I think in the Kill Bill Doku of Vol. II you can see the stairs. I believe they were in the studio in hong kong.

Just whatch the documentary again, i’m pretty sure there you’ll find out…

Pai Mei’s home/the 100 steps in Kill Bill is located in the countryside outside Beijing. I’m not sure of the exact town name.

Any new information on the location of the stairs?


It really is off to the Far East for the retreat of Pai Mei (Gordon Liu), where Kiddo learns the, erm, Five-Point-Palm Exploding Heart technique. It’s the Gao Temple (Gao Miao) on the east side of Miao Gao Mountain in Zhongwei, China.
The Temple complex is in the centre of Zhongwei, about a hundred miles southwest of Yinchuan, and reached from the northern end of Gulou Beijie.
Built in the early Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the original temple was
destroyed by an earthquake in 1739, and rebuilt only to be consumed by
fire in 1942. The present complex is a jumble of buildings of different
styles, covering an area of about 4,000 square metres. You can reach Zhongwei by train from Beijing.


On their first day in China, the Kill Bill crew completed twenty-two set ups, almost unheard of for a
typical Hollywood production. After completing their work at the Beijing Studios, where the huge
set for Vol. 1’s House of Blue Leaves was constructed, the cast and crew set out for a week of
location shooting at an ancient temple in the town of Zhongwei.

First built in the 17th century the Gao Temple "is a magnificent jumble of buildings and styles
covering an area of about four thousand square meters,” according to a Chinese tourist web sit.
The arduous daily climb to the set, up a massive flight of stairs on the east side of Miao Gao
Mountain, 240 meters high, was only a taste of the rigors involved in filming the Shaolin kung fu
training sequences featuring Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, and Gordon Liu, “The Cruel Tutelage
of Pei Mei.”


(there is a map at the site above too)

The name of the temple becomes clear after you exit the Hall of Heavenly Kings
(天王殿; Tiānwáng Diàn) to climb some seriously steep steps to the halls
high above. After your climb, you are greeted by woodwork in a blaze of
gold, blue, green and vermilion paint.

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Sights GĀO TEMPLE 高庙The main attraction in town is the Gāo Temple (Miào;Gulou Beijie; admission Y20; h7am-6.30pm), an eclectic, multipurpose temple that at one time catered to the needs of Buddhism, Confucian-ism and Taoism. It’s still a hodgepodge of ar-chitectural styles, but the revitalised Buddhist deities have muscled out the original Taoists and Confucians.The real oddity is the former bomb shelter, built beneath the temple during the Cultural Revolution and later converted into a Bud-dhist hell/haunted house. The eerie, dimly lit tunnels echo with the haunting screams of the damned. Try not to get too freaked out.


Look under the city name of ZHŌNGWÈI

ZHŌNGWÈI 中卫%0953 Zhōngwèi lies 167km southwest of Yínchuān on the Lánzhōu–Bāotóu railway, between the sand dunes of the Tengger Desert (TénggélǐShāmò) to the north and the Yellow River to the south. In addition to its unusual setting, Zhōngwèi has a fairly relaxed pace – a nice change from the rush of most Chinese cities

The above info about Zhongwei seems completely wrong. David Carradine in his Kill Bill Diaries book writes about this shoot and location on page 81: “An hour and a half (from the Beijing hotel) on the road took us to the 400 year old Buddhist temple we were going to shoot at.” . Also he writes “Annie and I hiked the 900 steps and took some photos of the cemetery…The last empress grandfather is buried there in a big cairn.” So no Zhongwei , but close to Beijing. So the conclusion to this question is: Beijing Futian Cemetery Haidian Chun Kings Tomb: Photos, Map & Reviews [2024] | Trip.com

As far as the picture shows there is fencing in front of the steps unfortunately.

On this flickr page we see the spot where Pai Mei sits when the Bride arrives:

On this maps page there are several more pictures:

So, here’s the real location. Zhongwei is completely wrong. Actually the temple and stairs is about 1,5 hours from Beijing and is called Prince Chunqin Tomb . The stairs can be seen here (with a fence in front): Haidian Chun Kings Tomb: Photos, Map & Reviews [2024] | Trip.com

Also if you enter Prince Chunqin Tomb in Google Maps you can see a lot of pictures including the place where Pai Mei sits when the Bride arrives.