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Kangaroo Valet

I’ve had mine for about a year now, anyone else got one? For those that don’t know, in the scene where Butch goes back to get his watch from the hotel, it’s hanging off the tail of a kangaroo valet.

Was there really a need to make a whole new topic about an ornament you have, seriously?

well, looking at the topics, i see a topic about a wallet, was there really a need to make a topic about a wallet either? or maybe i should have posted this in any random topic already made.

This is a LAME topic, period.

[quote]if it’s so lame, then don’t post in it. [/quote]

Well how else could I get across that it is lame?

Gentlemen, chill out.

This is the Pulp Fiction topic so talk about the movie.

This is the Pulp Fiction section, and my topic is related, therefore I posted it.

Fair enough you posted a topic about Pulp Fiction but it wasn’t really appropriate. I mean how many people have actually posted whether they have a Kangaroo Valet or not, in case you are having problems counting, the answer is NONE. So basically my point about this being a lame topic still stands. Even Puffy hasn’t answered fata311’s (IHop311) post. It is a stupid and borring topic but that isn’t an insult to the person that posted it in the first place. In order to not make this off-topic I will be the first person to answer this topic…

No I haven’t got a Kangaroo Valet, it is very nice to know you have one. Are you prowd of it? Where does it stand in your house? Do you, like Butch, also place your watch on it?

I posted that before I read Claudia’s post. But you insulted me first, keep that in mind. You said you won’t be an idiot anymore and so I accept that. I won’t insult you anymore!

Well when you said you would stop posting insults, you basically said you were going to stop being an idiot. I don’t have to worry about getting banned because I ain’t doing anything wrong. You came here and started shit for no reason on other members (including myself) which would get you banned. I doubt very much people who try to defend themselves against such idiocy would get banned!! And you will find that it was you who started ‘talking’ about my posts as when I came online today i found a number of my posts being replied to by you. I never agreed to ‘talk’ with you in the first place. Anyways this shit is getting lame as hell and is just spoiling the forum. If you want to be a decent member, follow what the veterans are doing, and try not to insult people and to cause trouble and to post retarded shit and to stay on topic. (Sorry Seb and Claudia, you can delete all these lame posts if you want)