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Just a quick alert for those of you with HBO

HBO comedy is about to aire the episode of Dennis Miller Live where Quentin Tarnatino cusses that guy out for calling him ugly. Check it out if you have the channel. I still haven’t been able to find the clip online yet.

saw it

quentin tries to be funny but its just awkward

who else was on the episode?

can somebody put this online?

[quote]who else was on the episode?[/quote]

The actual guest was George Clooney. Tarantino just happened to be backstage when he was blindsided.

And Hellhound, don’t go too hard on him. I thought he fired back well given that he was probably just standing around backstage having a beer when it happened. I thought it was funny at least.

And I don’t have a way of getting this on the web, but if I ever find it, I’ll definitely post a link.

thanks for the heads up

No problem. :slight_smile: