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Juliette Lewis Trivia

I dont know if anyone cares or knows already, but I was really surprised to find out that Juliette Lewis’ dad is Character actor Geoffrey Lewis!! You know who he is. Hes been in tons of movies!! Remember Stacy Bridges in High Plains Drifter? Thats Juliettes dad! I thought it was cool info. It mustve went under my radar. I never knew it.

Juliette is cool, but insanely ugly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Geoffrey Lewis is the fuckin’ man! One of my favorite character actors since I was a kid in the 80s.

Yeah he is great. Remember him in Salems Lot? Awesome!

Dude, that scene in SALEM’S LOT scares me to this day.

"… look… look… look at me, teacher… i’ll make you sleep like the dead, teacher…"

Those eyes in the dark, the creaking of the rocking chair… standing up, his stance as he was coming forward… chilling!

Salems Lot is one of the best TV movies ever! One of the best King adaptations too. The part that scared the crap outta me was when Nosferatu shows up. Those scenes were chilling. They still hold up against anything from nowadays too.

Remember the weird noise when the kid is trying to get Lance Kerwins character to open up his window. Talk about creepy shit!

Yeah that was Reggie Nalder as Mr. Barlow. King didn’t like that, but I loved it. Oh, the crush I had on Bonnie Bedelia in that movie.

That remake was a pile of shit!

Reggie Nalder’s great in MARK OF THE DEVIL too.

Reggie Nalders the kid from Red Dawn too right? Bedelia was def hot back then. Even in Die Hard she was still sexy.

I didnt like that remake either. Blech.