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Jules and Vincent

So, between the two, who do you guys think was the leader of the “pack”? Because I first thought that it was Jules because he always drove and seemed the dominant and more experienced of the two. But as I watched it again I started to notice that maybe I was wrong, Vincent always seems to take incentive and is always talking. Plus in the bathroom of Jimmy’s, Jules says that he respected Vincent and all and it seemed that he feared him a little.

So who was the true leader, from Tarantino’s point of view or from yours I don’t care. I just need a broader image of who was the leader and who was the follower.

Jules. Black Man gotta always be in charge. :slight_smile:

I think Vincent. Vincent seemed to have more of a history with Marcellus (The Mia incident) which would lead me to believe he was the senior of the two.

Do we really have to speak about a leader and follower situation here? If i’m not mistaking, Vincent, on the beginning of the movie, was just coming back home from a 4-years trip to Amsterdam. Sure, there seems to have some sort of “collaboration” between the two hitmen, but let’s not forget, they are still hitmen.

The major reason that make me think that there no leader in the group is the fact that they come from differents hood. Furthermore, the bartender in the strip club calls them our man from ***** and our man from *****(i forgotted the places), therefore, saying that they have their own business and so on.

However, if you look at it very quickly, you would expect Jules to be the leader because he seem to have more…let’s say personnality! Vincent looks cold and more calculator than Jules, making him a perfect executant and follower.

to mr. translecuent:

vincent didn’t even know what mia looked like, he asked the bartender and Jules.

to sergio:

“Vincent our man in Amsterdam” and “Jules our man in Inglewood”

I think that you are correct sir! Jules was the leader, if there was one, because of his personality and vast knowledge of “the trade” plus Vincent is a haroine addict

No, Vince dodn’t know what Mia looked like, but who did Big Man trust with his wife while he was in Florida?

[quote]No, Vince dodn’t know what Mia looked like, but who did Big Man trust with his wife while he was in Florida?[/quote]

??? ???

what? he went to Florida!!! I think that he trusted Vince because nobody else wanted to do it. They were afraid that they might do something wrong and Marsellus would have them… well :-X killed and nobody wants that.

i think Jules is. he is the one retiring. he is the one that appeared to stay in Cali. and we actually watch him talk with Marsellus and it’s business talk but they sound like good friends too

Good point Chiyaki and whoevers above me. I guess I never really thought of that. Jules’ retirement doesn’t really count though, as it was influenced by the situation at the apartment.

right but if he is retiring dont you think he would have been a hitman a lot of years before doing that?

well, Jules had said he was a hitman for many years. when in the restaurant when he’s talking to “ringo” and he tells him the passage, Ezekiel 25:17. He then explains what he thinks it means and says that he had been saying that shit to mother fuckers for many years and he just thought it was something cold to say to a mother fucker before he popped a cap in his ass.

Read the part where Jules talks to Marsellus on the phone and you will definetly know who is in charge.


           I don’t wanna hear about no

           motherfuckin’ “ifs.”  What I wanna

           hear from your ass is: "you ain’t

           got no problems, Jules.  I’m on the

           motherfucker.  Go back in there,

           chill them niggers out and wait for

           the cavalry, which should be comin’



           You ain’t got no problems, Jules.

           I’m on the motherfucker.  Go back

           in there, chill them niggers out

           and wait for The Wolf, who should

           be comin’ directly.

FINALLY! some hard evidence to prove my theory thank you buono!

Jules is leading most of the time. Vincent seems to be tagging along for the ride to “get back into character” after his long hiatus in Amsterdam (probably to escape conviction or something). Both can hold their own but Vince’s maybe just a little rusty, that’s all.

Vince didn’t know much details regarding the Briefcase Mission.

Vincent: How many up there?

Jules: Three or four.

And the reason Jules was driving probably is because he knew where the place was and it was his car. When they were walking to Brett’s place, Jules seem to be walking a little further in front.

Jules: Man, you best back off, I’m gittin’ pissed – this is the door.

Jules also seem to do much of the “English, motherfucker! Do you speak it?!” while Vince just has to find a briefcase.

Jules: Then why don’t you tell my boy here Vince, where you got the shit hidden.

Who’s Fonzie?

Jules: Yolanda, point that gun at me. Vince, shut the fuck up! ;D

plus! Vincent doesn’t know anything about the valley, he asked Jules what they were gonna do? Jules called Jimmy, vincent not only had no idea who Jimmy was but had no idea where the city he lived in was!

Vincent tells Jules to find a friendly place, and Jules tells him that Marsellus has no friends, in the valley! Only a true TRUE life time hitman would know that, and have the balls to talk back to the boss of the valley!