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Josh Brolin

I don’t know, before Grindhouse, I had never heard of this guy before (I’m one of those few individuals on earth who hasn’t seen The Goonies and still has no idea what a Goonie is), and now he’s all over the place, and he’s fucking brilliant. “W”, “Milk”, “No country…” etc…

I mean his dad was Pensacola, wings of steel… haha

Josh Brolin… he’ll be big

THE GOONIES ! You have to see this movie and raise your kids watching it. Josh Brolin was still a teenager. A goonie has no real signification (or maybe for english-speaking people), I think it’s only they gang’s name.

Josh Borlin is definitely awesome and so sad to see he gets recognition so late. He was awesome in No Country for Old Men, the Coen bros did a short for the 60th anniversary of Cannes, he played in their short, as I recall (haven’t seen it since the fest) he was great in it too. Somehow the same kid of character as in No Country, probably shot in the same time.

Seb, you forgot Planet Terror, great role there too. And of course, he does look promissing in W. His small role in American Gangster was pretty good too.

Yeah The Goonies is one of my fave childhood films so I knew who he was since I was 11 or 12.

W looks so funny. The trailer and the first clip they showed online really made me want to see it.

I’m definitely a fan. Loved him in No Country and especially in American Gangster where he stole the show, showing Frank Lucas who’s boss. This guy sure can play a badass. He didn’t make many good choices and then in one year he appears in; Planet Terror, No Country For Old Men, In the Valley of Elah and American Gangster. Must have got a new agent, haha.

He should be applauded just for having a hot wife.

who’s his wife?

edit: oh forgot, of course


Diane Lane

She aite.

Must have got a new agent, haha.

Ahah, I thought about that once too. He must have changed cause it’s unbelievable how much scripts he now receives and good ones btw.