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Joaquin Phoenix on David Letterman Show

:o :o :o

He’s insane!

Might be a hoax though, for some weird movie then…The Casey Affleck one…

This has to be a hoax… Publicity stunt… I can’t believe he would get involved with drugs after watching his brother die in front of him on the sidewalk can’t see it…

He looks like Jim Morrison right before he died with the beard and everything… This has to be on purpose

Haha, Letterman owns!!

It’s hard to tell whether this is a hoax or not, but Letterman did say Phoenix is a great actor. Who knows, time will tell I guess.

Reminds me of the old Crispin Glover interview with Letterman. He was trippin balls. Crazy shit.

Joaquin does look like Jim Morrison here. I also sense a “Jim Morrison” coolness type of act he is putting on. But I think it’s a hoax due to the Casey Affleck directed doc on Joaquin about his “music” career due out next year. I sure hope it’s a hoax anyways. Joaquin is a great actor.

He is a great actor and this just seems like the kind of thing he would do. He just wants to act and doesn’t want to have deal with all the other stuff that goes along with it like going to movie premieres and press junkets and talk shows… What better way to give the finger to the entertainment media establishment than pretending to quit acting and become a musician and make a film out of it. As someone pointed out in the comments very Andy Kaufman

Someone is looking for attention. What a lame twat.

Unfortunately I don’t think it’s an hoax. Phoenix has been becoming weirder and weirder…

I think he’s just in a rut right now, careerwise and is looking for a way to vent and push boundaries, it’s very Brando, not that he’s as talented

I think it’s a hoax. No way this could be real.

isn’t he a rapper now?

You just accept that? I think that’s part of the hoax.

Youtube took the clip down due to CBS copyright but I’ve kind of that this was a hoax from the beginning due to the simple fact that Casey Affleck is filming the whole thing. My theory and hope is that they’re trying to make a Spinal Tap style mocumentary.