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Jimmy as Brown and The Wolf as White

I think Pulp happens before RD. I also think that the briefcase is filled with diamonds. The same diamonds that are in Reservoir Dogs. I think Marcellus lost the diamonds so he decided to get him back. But who was he gonna get? Vincent? Nope he’s dead. Jules? Nope,he quit. And Marcellus is damn sure not gonna do it himself after the rape thing. So he calls The Wolf to get the diamonds. And then he thinks that it would be a good idea to get somebody to go with The Wolf, so he calls Jimmy. Jimmy and The Wolf then get into the bankjob and try to get the diamonds for marcellus.

I’m sorry sir, but you are probably wrong about this. A.) Jules said that he would return the case before he told Marcellus he was quitting. Now though something could have happened to Jules after the diner scene, we don’t know the movie ended. But knowing of Jules new found spirituality and good nature we can be assured that Jules returned the case before he left. But since we can’t be sure of that I have more justifiable reasons. B.) If Jules had not returned the case at the end of Pulp and Marcellus decided to get them back, why would they need to rob a diamond whole saler to get Marcellus’ diamonds back? They wouldn’t, because Joe stated in the Mr. White back story that they were stealing “uncut stones from israel” that they were to be picked up the next day. Doesn’t sound like Marcellus’ case. C.) Also if Jimmy is Brown and The Wolf is White, how come neither one of them is the same character they played in Pulp? Most likely the other four colors would not know them and if not by name definelty by face. Where’s the Wolf’s moustache and faster talking banter and how come Jimmy has become a witty analyist of pop culture, when in Pulp he’s a neurotic family man. Also, why would Marcellus choose Jimmy of all people to work with the wolf, they met one morning for less than an hour, and even more why would Jimmy choose to do the job, maybe there is money envolved, we don’t know, but the Bonny Situation infers that Jimmy has given up most crime to keep is wife happy, so unless the pay was of an orgasmic number I don’t see Jimmy taking part in the heist. And why would The Wolf, a problem solver, be asked to rob the diamonds, I’m sure Marcellus has other goons besides Vincent, Jules, and Winston Wolf. My own personal rationale for the contents of the briefcase are that the only person who knows what’s in that briefcase is Quentin Tarantino. And he probably doesn’t know what’s in it, just a cool picture I guess. To retort on your message bluntly, no Jimmy and The Wolf had absolutely nothing to do with Resevoir Dogs, nor did Marcellus or his briefcase.

(On a side note, Joe and Mr. White do speak of a Marcellus in White’s back story. But he sounds like an illegal transporter not a mob boss, he is supposed to be doing “quater and some change in Quentin”(Don’t hold me to that Quentin quote I’m not one hundred percent on it). It’s just another name that QT uses multiple times, such as there being two Floyds in True Romanc(Brad Pitt & Laurence Mason)Or Scagnetti being the last name of Blondes’ parole officer and the last name of the detective from Natural Born Killers. And there being both a Marvin in Pulp(Phil Lamar) and a Marvin in TR(Kevin Corrigan))  ÂÂ

Okay, good point.

Yeh it might be good but I don’t think it would work because there is no mention at all of anyone other than Joe sending them on the job to get the diamonds and also we find out that Mr White’s real name is Larry Dimmick not Winston Wolfe, but it would pretty kl none the less.

I know whats in the breifcase.

A lightbulb haha.

I know whats in the breifcase.

A lightbulb haha.

WRONG! I know what was in there, and I have proof!


ROFL, thats priceless! ;D

Thats so funny I have to wipe my eyes to write this. Well maybe not to write it but to make sure I don’t have any errors. Of course everyone knows whats really in there. A plot device.

this is a funny forum. And thank god no lame ass mo didn’t put “marcellus’/jules’ soul” cause I efing hate that stuff

…To retort on your message bluntly, no Jimmy and The Wolf had absolutely nothing to do with Resevoir Dogs, nor did Marcellus or his briefcase…
Nothing ?

1.Jimmies last name ist Dimmick -->Mr White =Larry Dimmick.So perhaps Larry is Jimmies brother or uncle or something like that.

2.Joe mentioned that he would call a nourse named Bonnie .Jimmies wife is a nurse and her name is Bonnie


2.Joe mentioned that he would call a nourse named Bonnie .Jimmies wife is a nurse and her name is Bonnie

Wasn’t it Nice Guy Eddie who mentioned Bonnie?

yeah ,sure it was Nice Guy Eddie.Where is my mind ???

The first theory you mentioned…One thing that is wrong, is that they couldn’t be diamonds…diamonds don’t glow “GOLD”.

thats pretty clever i never thought about that.

Let’s also remember that in the Mr. White back story, there is no mention of Marcellus Wallace, there’s talk of a Marcellus Spivey, but not Marcellus Wallace.

I think that Reservoir Dogs happens before Pulp Fiction. Why? I’ll tell you…in a radio interview a long time ago, Steve Buscemi stated that while he was playing “Buddy Holly” in Pulp Fiction he was really playing Mr. Pink working as “Buddy Holly” @ Jack Rabbit Slims. Now, I know all about the scene at the end of Reservoir Dogs…or what happens off camera and is only heard…we don’t know what happened there. Did Mr. Pink get killed? It sounds like it, but we can’t be 100% positive on that.