Jimmie Dimmick and Mr. Brown?

Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs spoilers

Just a weird thought that went through my head recently:

I never came across a specific time period for either Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs, but I feel that the stories are meant to portray the mid 80’s to early 90’s, since in Reservoir dogs there is a classic 70’s station to listen to and in Pulp Fiction Jules calls some guy “Flock of Seagulls” which really leaves anything from the 80’s on open but the size of their cell phones look too primitive to be from the 90’s era. Also I assume that there must be some length of time between the two films since neither Vic nor Vincent ever mention the death of their brother.

Anyway, Quentin Tarantino plays a character in both films, in Pulp Fiction, he lives, but in Reservoir Dogs (which I am assuming occurs after the events in Pulp Fiction) his character is killed. So is it possible that Jimmie Dimmick for whatever reason between Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs decides to lead a life of crime and is eventually cast as Mr. Brown? Or are they two entirely separate people who just happen to look exactly alike and both work with the Vega Brothers?

Personally, I think this is very unlikely that Jimmie Dimmick is Mr. Brown for a couple reasons.

First, Jimmie seems very devoted to his wife and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with the bloody car Jules drives over. Although it should also be taken into consideration that Jimmie obviously has some connection with Jules since he doesn’t ever call the cops and only seems upset about the mess because his wife wont like it.

Also, we already know that Mr. White’s last name is Dimmick, just like Jimmie Dimmick. I really doubt that Joe would knowingly place brothers on the same robbery, also, when Mr. White sees that Mr. Brown has died, he is very casual and unemotional.

So again, just a thought that came into my head a little bit ago, yeah its probably completely wrong and I know its illogical, just wanted to spread it for a bit of fun :stuck_out_tongue: