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Jim Jarmusch

What do you guys think about Jim Jarmusch (Spelling?) I’ve only seen two of his movies, Ghost Dog: Way of the Samurai, and Dead Man. I loved them both. What do you guys think? Can you recommend anything else of his? Has he done anything else?

edit: I just changed the title of this topic form “everyone loves Jim” to Jim Jarmusch… cps


[quote]yeah, WATERWORLD[/quote]

Shut the fuck up and stop writing random shit. He didn’t direct water world! Woody Allen did! Everybody knows that.

NA, He might have :-/

[quote]yeah, WATERWORLD[/quote]

That is insane. ::slight_smile:


By the way, I’ve only seen Ghost Dog and Dead Man…and his stuff is awesome. I plan on seeing Down By Law soon.

What’s that about and when was it made?

1986 (or maybe 7) and its about prison inmates that try to escape or something. It looks cool.

Here, take this wonderful searching tool:

Down by Law is one of Jarmusch’s best films. You should also check out Night on Earth- that was great too. If your interested in his acting career check out the films In the Soup with Steve Buscemi and Blue in the Face with Harvey Keitel

I love Jarmusch.

Coffee and cigarettes 4/5

Down by law 4/5

Night on earth 3,5/5

Ghost dog 3,5/5

Dead man 3,5/5

The final segment in Night on earth was from Finland. The country I’m from.