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Jewellry heist scene


I am sure that when I first saw Reservoir Dogs in the UK, it was on a VCS tape from a local video shop circa 1993, and it had included at the end of the tape the deleted jewellry heist scene. However, nowhere, not even on the latest ‘Special Edition’ DVD, which boasts having deleted scenes, has the great missing heist scene been included.

I have looked high and low on the Web for any mention of this scene, but to no avail. I am sure I didn’t imagine seeing that heist scene on the borrowed VCS tape - Mr Blonde shooting indiscriminately at the terrified customers because one of them made a wrong move, the incredulous looks on the faces of the other gang members. It somehow draws everything else that happens in the film into sharp focus, and for me makes the Madsen character even more scary. I think it was one of Mr T’s very few errors to leave it out, and I want desparately to see it again. What did Mr T do with it? Is it, like the poor cop, lost in the trunk of Blondes car. Did Pink hide it in the heist case? Does anybody know anything about it, or am I as mad as Mr Blonde?

actually I think you’re mistaken. The actual heist was never in the script and never filmed…

are you sure you’ve seen this?

I am totally sure I did see it. Either that, or I should make it myself, because I dreamed it with incredible detail, and I must indeed be mad.

because i have never heard of that and the screenplay I think doesn’t mention it at all… isn’t it among the Sundance-footage scenes either? hm…

Uh this doesnt make much sense to me? ??? uhh are you sure your not just thinking of city on fire? ha ha theres no way you could make that mistake right? ;D

No, there was no jewelry heist footage ever shot. You are mistaken about what you saw and what you think you saw. This is where I think Tarantino got it right! Not including the footage of the robbery. Your imagination, and others, has made up the entire scene in your mind so vividly that you think it was actually included! And this is why Tarantino is one of the great directors! Just like in “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” (the original) when every one says they liked it when the meat hook goes right through the chick’s chest and she’s just hanging there with it pertruding. It never happened. It’s implied and because these directors (Tarantino and Toby Hooper) know that the audience will fill in the blanks, it’s not neccessary to show everything.

So, you are mistaken and there is no actual footage of a robbery scene.

Maybe you are thinking of the bank robbery scene from Escape from New York which is on the special edition. But yeah when I think of Rdogs I can picture blonde killing that poor black girl. :wink:

Yeah, you are thinking about another film. City on Fire shows the robbery, but Reservoir Dogs never even filmed one, it doesn’t exist.

Its most defiantly cooler not seeing the robbery because it draws more focuses on the characters and there reactions rather then the actual events, im being pretty simplistic but im tired give me a break…

It is fucking important for the movie not showing this robbery.

I’m so glad I finally found someone who remembers this scene as well. I’m not crazy!

I remember it exactly as you say. I remember mister blond freaking out in the store and pissing everyone off because he was on a rampage. Great scene. I’m not sure when I saw it but I believe I saw it either at the theater or on video but I too remember this and have frequently looked for others with no luck. Thanks so much for joining my club of complete and total madness from all that have never seen and frankly don’t want to see that scene. It was the best scene in the movie. It even trumps Mr. Blonds ear tirade. Bomb!!!

Hello! I LOVE the film Reservoir Dogs it is brilliant.

I have it on DVD but of course this DVD does NOT show Mr.Blonde going crazy and shooting everyone in the diamond bank! :frowning:

My questions are: Why has the scene been deleted?? Mr.Blonde is the best character and his scenes are the best scenes in the hole film!!!

Also, i was wondering if anyone has managed to track down this scene? Like on an original video or something like that. Please help me, i’m going crazy here!! :-</E>

I remember a scene actually inside the jewellery store as well where Mr. Blonde starts killing everyone - I think it was on my original VHS of the movie.