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Jaws -- Is The 30th Anniversary DVD An All-New Version?


… i’ve seen jaws in numerous formats starting with theatrical and drive-in as a youngster in '75 and the 30th anniversary dvd has got to be the finest the classic adventure film has ever looked. it’s beautiful …

… of course with today’s technology it wouldn’t be hard to touch jaws up. obviously they could make the blood deeper red and they could give the soundtrack extra punch. but beyond that they could also add extra punch to jaws by making the shark more realistic and frightening and they could add extra details to scenes in other ways as well. have they done this?

… two observations in the new version:

(a) the shark in the underwater cage sequence seems bigger and more fierce than ever before …

… and …

(b) in the closing credits i noticed brody and hooper paddling to shore and they actually make it to shore just as the credits close. i never noticed that before. is that new?

… hope so. i’m not opposed to the improvement of anything if it makes it better …


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yeah the 30th is a remastered version. don’t think they changed anything substantial however. but sound and video are a vast improvement over previous editions