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Japanese Site updated with KB2 Teaser Trailer has been updated for Kill Bill 2! The new update looks pretty slick! There’s a new teaser up for KB2, it’s short as heck… not much new, basically just a shot we already saw in the Comic Con trailer, but there’s a quick shot across the desert which I hadn’t seen before. It ain’t much, but something is better than nothing! Is it April 16 yet!?!

interesting how they labeled it “The love Story” and had the slogan “kill is love”…

I’m having problems with this!!

i go to

tells me i need flash, so downloaded it,

then WHAT???

Can’t find any links or nothing,

Please!! someone please inform!!

That happened to me too. But then again everything was in Japanese, which I don’t speak.

EDIT: I got it to work somehow. It’s really short and not really anything new.

Please let me know exactly how you did it!

All i’ve got to is after download i’m still on that screen!

I’ve clicked on loads of links on that page without success,

just gives me loads more flash shit!

HOW can i just get to the DAMN trailer!!

i know it’s not much but i wanna see it!!

GOD DAMN waitin! now fuckin APRIL!!

Just go to again. That’s all I did and then suddenly it worked.


I’ve down loaded flash Again!

been back to the page about 300 f’in times!

still no luck! is the download able to work from my desktop??

go here:

Many thanks for all your help,

but unfortunatly my computer is just not gonna let me watch it! I go to that screen and it just stays blank!

Never mind i’ll just sit slowly start to weep & wait till April :’(

It won’t work on mine either. I’m going to kill Flashplayer.

Can’t you download the trailer/tvspot somehow?

Here’s what you do:

  1. DEFINITELY check if you have the absolute LATEST version of your Internet Explorer (or Mozilla or Opera etc…). Download all updates!

  2. - download the FLASH Player AND the SHOCKWAVE Player. Just to make sure. Mostly requires a restart.

  3. - download the awesome Quicktime player.

  4. Be sure you activated all ActiveX and Plugin controls in your browser settings.

i dont have sound on this computer, what music did they play on the preview and was it any good? man thats all we get? that fuckin sucks, i want to see a 2 minute trailer, or at least 30 seconds


omg…the music is one the best parts…its very spagetti western-ish, very powerful music…very dramatic with the loud singers in the backround and the heavy guitar(s), sets the mood perfectly with Uma walking through the hot desert…this preview is getting all hyped up for vol.2…I try to avoid spoilers and pictures from vol.2 because i want the movie to be a surprise to me (i did the same with vol.1)…but i needed to watch this trailer, and it did not let me down

Make sure your popup stopper is disabled. Tho it really isn’t worth much effort, I have to say.

Ok ya that’s not the real trailer. It’s fan made. ::slight_smile:

the entire japanese site is now in volume 2 “kill is love” look, with all the japanese trailers in a gallery and news (in japanese)

maybe someone can translate the news?

Oh no! The site is offline! :’( :’( :’(

go to the wayback machine

Thanks Seb, but I can’t go in the download section. :-</E>

I was looking for the wallpapers :frowning: