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Jackie Brown in my town?

i just found out a week ago that i live in the town where QT used to work (Manhattan Beach, CA). i thought that was a big coincidence because i really like him. then a few days back i saw jackie brown and i realized that i know where all those places are in that movie. in fact, i’ve been to most of them! i used to go to go to the del amo mall. i ate in that food court! i’ve been to hermosa beach! i thought that shit was so cool! i’ve also been meaning to see M.B.Video Archives sometime soon. i live like less than ten minutes away. walking distance. i just think that all of this is one big coincidence!

ive been to the del almo mall, and just a few days ago i passed by “cherry bail bonds” which is actually called “carson bail bonds” its on carson/avelon

Video Archives is no more. It has been a bagle store sence the early 90’s. I also live in Manhattan Beach and don’t find it that fucked up. SOMEONE ELSE HERE IS FROM MANHATTAN BEACH ALSO but i’m gonna let them say it.

B.T.W Hermosa is litteraly attached to Manhattan beach. I bet mr. Q used that place because he had been there so much

And its a shitload less expensive so it’s more realistic for a pot head to live there.

Yeah but Redondo is even cheaper or how about long beach or Venice beach. Pluss he had a front row seat for the Ocean View. Those cost millions no matter what city.

[quote]yeah, i was pretty shocked too, i live only 15 minutes away from delamo, and me and my friends always went to roscoes chicken and waffles.  i havent seen the cherry bail bonds though.  [/quote]

its right off a freeway, i dont remeber exactly which freeway since i wasnt driving and i wasnt paying attention, but as soon as i saw it i tried to remeber the cross streets :). if you ever pass buy you will be amazed on how it hasnt changed and look pretty much identical

from seal beach, we took the 405 north, got off at the carson exit, make a right off the exit and keep going stright. it should be a little before avalon and it will be on the left side. if youve seen the movie, you wont miss it :slight_smile:

If you wanna see were Video Archives used to be, then check this out. It’ a site BadMotherFucker made of me and him in front of the former Video Archives. It’s a 2 minute walk from BadMotherFuckers house.

I drove down there once and saw Vincent shoot Marvin’s fuckin head off in a car.

No. you’r in the wrong place. That didn’t happen here. That was like 20 miles north east.

I live in INGLEWOOOOOOOOD!! I recognize ALL the streets in Jackie Brown. When I bought the movie it was really cool to recognize all the streets in the film. When I saw the movie in the theatre I could overhear people whispering streets that they recognized. Ive been to the Cockatoo Inn several times before Jackie Brown and it was a trip to see it in the movie.

wow! u lucky thing!

The best that’s ever happened 2 me was that i went to a wedding in a churck that was used in notting hill :’(