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Jack Rabbit Slim's Question


I’m trying to find out what the black and white movie clip is from that’s being played on the wall of tvs in the Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant. My guess is that it’s from a Hitchcock movie but I’m probably wrong.

Phew, when I read the topic I thought it was gonna be another about is there actually a real

Jack Rabbit Slims.

But the answer to your question… I don’t know.

IMDb’s Pulp Fiction movie connections:


Brideless Groom (1947)

“Clutch Cargo” (1959)

Nam’s Angels (1970)

Clutch Cargo is the cartoon young Butch watches and Nam’s Angels is the bikermovie Fabienne watches. So it must be Brideless Groom.

1947 that explains the black and white :slight_smile:

It’s with the Three Stooges, isn’t Quentin a big fan of them?

I just read that it is Lance who is watching Brideless Groom… So I have no idea what is playing in Jack Rabbit Slim’s.

I thougt the background (in Jack Rabbit Slim’s) was from Bande Apart. ???

it’s one of my early home videos, i lent it to tarantino for the film, he’s a big fan

The sequence is pretty repetitive> I just fast forwarded through a bande apart by godard, which has many sequences like that, but I dont think its actually from that movie.

Could be QT just made his own, cars and people going by sequence i.s.o. taking it directly from a bande apart. It would suite the dancing sequence, because that is refering to a bande apart for sure right? Altough I really dont see the resemblance all that much, other than that there is dancing…:stuck_out_tongue:

it’s one of my early home videos, i lent it to tarantino for the film, he’s a big fan


[quote=“Thousand Eyes”]


Angel has connection all over the place

exactly, i should have my own fansite