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It's amazing what Quentin tells some random chick just to get laid

Filmmaker QUENTIN TARANTINO is desperate to cast porn star TERA PATRICK in his forthcoming film.

The Kill Bill moviemaker is reportedly looking to hire Patrick for his remake of the 1966 cult film Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!, about three women on a violent road trip.

A source tells New York gossip column Page Six, "Quentin loves her, and she’s a dead ringer for original star Tura Satana."

And the adult film star insists she would love to take on the role.

She adds, “It would be the hottest remake ever, and I’m honoured to be considered. I was built for this part.”

Porn star looking for some cheap publicity. If he tried to put a porn star in a starring role of a big budget movie I doubt even Weinstein would touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Dont hold your breath on this. I doubt this will ever happen. Also Tera Patrick is married to that bald guy anyways. I doubt QT is trying to get sex from her. He has a million single girls he could bang if he wanted.

why the fuck not. he put a stuntwoman in a leading role, revived the career of some dude who did "look who’s talking’ and let a guy play a criminal who served time in san quentin. why not cast a porn star for a role that doesn’t require much more than having huge gazongas?

Until I hear QT telling a reporter he is remaking this film. I will not believe it. This is probably the last thing Id want to see QT do in his career actually. What is he going to remake it for? I dont think even he could make a better film than the original. And casting some porn stars wont help.

I think the media tend to take advantage of the fact that Quentin sometimes thinks out loud.

Sounds like it. I think QT may have said this stuff while he was drunk at a club.

I certainly wouldn’t chalk it up to anything more significant than that!

well i at least chalked it up as a gossip item on the Frontpage :wink:

With some links to a certain site I really like too! :smiley:

With some links to a certain site I really like too! :smiley:

a really obscure one. at first, i wasn’t sure if i could link to it, the content on that certain site being very lurid and exploitive

I heard this project long time ago ;D

Yeah, like a year ago or more. You’re right Yasmin, about the media taking advantage of the fact that QT does think outloud a lot. I think he’s just easily inspired, and we all know how excitable he is. Random rumblings is all.

And I think he’s also getting more and more excentric with age. Remember the 3D porn movie he wanted to make? That was weird considering that 14 years ago in his Charlie Rose interview he said he didn’t have the least bit of interest in porn.

The guy is probably having a joke on the media. Say any old shit to them and see how they run with it.

I’m running fine with it :wink: I’m just not taking everything for a fact that comes out of google news

I sorta feel like QT covered the tough girl movie ground with Kill Bill and Death Proof. Thats why Id rather see him do something else. What about his moonshining movie or his Slavery era film?

I’d watch the porn movie. ;D But the slavery era film, he said he wanted to do it later in his life, when he’s old enough to actually play the part of John Brown.

Don’t be hatin’! Start participatin’! Ya heard!

Respect thy master! Bitch! >:(

Okay…when anyone anywhere around the world says “I wanna make a 3D porno” Its a joke. Always remember that.

I understand why he would make a porno film, he has alot of genre’s mixed up in his films. I’m gonna have to look this Tera Patrick up… wink wink :wink: