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Is Tarantino racist?


I’m a film studies student and for my coursework I am studying whether Tarantino is racist in his film, the main films I am studying are Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained and Jackie Brown. Please let me know your opinions on this topic! Thanks


The answer is no, and what even led you to that assumption in the first place?


Some folks didn’t quite get the memo… and of course if you wan’t to write about a “backlash” why not just create one just in case…


If you actually watched these films you’d see that the black-colored characters are actually the more intelligent ones.

And what makes Tarantino racist for giving an honest picture of how things went down during the slavery-era?


Not even crossed my mind.


just think about this…
who stays alive in pulp fiction and changes his life embracing a zen philosophy?
who plays everybody in jackie brown (cops and criminals) and succeds in the end?
who gives the strongest “girl power” speech in death proof?
who is fundamental in “basterds” in the plan to kill nazis?
who wins in “django”?
who uncovers all the bullshit in “eight”? in which, by the way, there is one of the most powerful visual representation of black revenge against white supremacy?


Well, is the film Pulp Fiction it would appear Quentin Tarantino may have some racist feelings in his mind because the role of Jimmy does not want any dead niger storage in his house. The word Niger is used very forcefully is this scene though we all know the character of Jules is held in high regard in this movie. As far as Jackie Brown it is a movie about a badass African-American woman. Diango is about a African-American cowboy that saves the day. So no I don’t think Quentin is a racist at all.


Just keep in mind: Quentin =/= Jimmy


Tarrantino gives an option for blacks to be seen as people given the same opportunities as others in those eras exploring what may have happened when that black person has a little power. Just pure fantasy I absolutely love it