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Is Quentin Cute?

QT in the sexiest man for 2006. NOT but personality does go a long way. To me he is sexy as hell. And beautiful. He’s a gentelman, shy at times. Ever see him blush in an interview. It is so cute. Some of people mags picks are way off and popularity driven. I think they should put Johnny Depp and Keanu Reeves up there every year and just call it quits.

its not like ive been an “obsessed” fan for a long time- ive always like his movies but it took kill bill for me to have wet dreams. all i can say is that lately thinking about q.t. seriously makes me horny. he better hope i dont lose my complete brain cause i could definitly have potential in the field of stalking.

btw i dont really think hes a gentleman. i think he might be a pimp. definitly a “playa”… he’s a pimp with personality. that bastard.

I’d tap that.