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Is QT a Star Wars fan?

I know this topic will be moved to another thread, cause i didn’t take the time to find which of the 2-300 was the perfect one. Anways does anybody know if Quentin is a fan of star wars? I’v heard him talk about like every movie ever and whether he likes them or not, but i’ve never ever heard him once mention Star Wars.For some reason i see him not liking Star Wars, cause its completely different then his style, and George Lucas’s dialogue is bad.

I don’t think he dislikes Star Wars but he prefers Star Trek.

Tarantino once said (while shooting “Kill Bill”):

"This CGI bullshit is the death knell of cinema. If i’d wanted all that computer game bullshit, I’d have gone home and stuck my dick in my Nintendo."

As far as the new “Star Wars”-Trilogy is concerned, he’s damn right.

Star Trek was great. 200 years in the future and they can’t even install seatbelts in the starships.

i doubt it that when a starship crashes a seatbelt is going to save you

No so you dont bash your head on the controls repeatedly.