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Is it true

that Mr Pink is wearing black jeans instead of suit pants?

I heard the budget was that low they needed to get their own clothes, that also explains Mr Blond’s cowboy boots

any truth in that?

From memory I think Mr Pink was wearing jeans, but I doubt it was down to a low budget.

from the imdb:

The budget for the movie wasn’t large enough to cover most of the costumes, so many of the clothes worn belonged to the actors themselves. For example, Mr. Pink’s black jeans, Mr. Blond’s black cowboy boots and Nice Guy Eddie’s jacket.

Yeah on the RD SE interview segment Chris Penn says that the track suit was his own and he was making fun of himself for dressing like that over 10 years ago.

Everyone was asked to bring in their own black jacket, pants, white shirt and black ties.

I didn’t know that Sean Penn was in Reservoir Dogs.

[quote]I didn’t know that Sean Penn was in Reservoir Dogs.[/quote]

good catch - yeah it was his brother

Didn’t Chris Penn in that interview say he was sponsored by Nike at the time?

mr. blonde’s cadillac in the movie was mr. blonde’s (michael madsen’s) cadillac in real life… i think y’all already knew that, but i’m bored so sue me!