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anybody ever try add music to their ipod say like an album and for some reason one or two songs werent added for some reason, and no matter how many times you try to add the folder that one or two songs are missing?

it never happens to me because my mp3 player is an iRiver = Best Korean stuff + no iTunes!

Sorry dandadub I really can’t help you on that one. Maybe try to rip the album another time/dl the album from a different source. It is a very weird problem!

come to think of it, its happened with my old mp3 player too, but i thought that was just old. its very strange.

I recently had my iPhone replaced as the first one was faulty. Now after having the new one for a week or so and after syncing it a number of times with my Intel Core Duo 2 21"iMac I am getting USB over current notice whenever I attach the ipHone to my iMac and it doesn’t sync. I have tried attaching it via a USB hub and I still get the same error. Can anyone advise me of what may have caused this and a possible way around ti?