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Invasion U.S.A. (1985) The most awesome movies ever PART 2

A critical in-depth look on one of the most important works of our time:

Any comments appreciated.

HAHAHAHAHAHA… HAHAHAHAHAHA! You’re so fuckin cool, Kenneth, you crazy basterd! ;D

This was even better, I think. ;D

Now you NEED to dedicate one of these tributes to the movie from which you borrowed that awesome opening song in your videos. hint hint :slight_smile:

I was afraid people are tired of Chuck Norris jokes, but it doesn’t look that way… :slight_smile:

I didn’t think it was possible! Could this really be as good as The Delta Force review? Hell yes!! I think you are right Crazy Kenneth, I think they should re-release Invasion USA and on the DVD release they should include your review as like an introduction or DVD extra. Awesome!!

Hahahahahahaha!!! ;D

You are f***in’ awesome.

Chuck Norris jokes, if in good taste, will NEVER get old! ;D