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Intresting MTV Tarantino interview

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I’m working out my blaxploitation trailer, and possibly a kung-fu trailer, a sexploitation trailer, a spaghetti-western trailer. I just need to kind of work them out a little bit.

Adding that the phony “Sweden” trailer will probably star some of the women already cast in “Death Proof,” Tarantino said they plan to shoot their irreverent trailer-within-a-movie-within-a-movie double feature at the beginning of next year.


In other Rodriguez-Tarantino news, the director commented on Frank Miller’s recent statement that Tarantino’s hectic schedule may keep him from participating in the second “Sin City” film. “Well that might not be the case, actually,” the enthusiastic auteur insisted. “I’ll be in Austin [Texas] for a long time on ‘Grind House’ … so [Rodriguez and I will] be doing a thing together, then after that he goes right into ‘Sin City 2,’ so they just have to offer me a scene. Maybe there’s not a scene for me this time, but I can’t imagine that I wouldn’t make myself available if they wanted me [to].“


”[‘Inglorious Bastards’] will probably be the next thing I do after I finish ‘Grind House’ with Robert,” he said of the long-gestating World War II film viewed by many as his “Dirty Dozen”-influenced project. "That will be my next big Mount Everest, climb-the-mountain kind of project."

While Tarantino did confirm that longtime leading man Michael Madsen will be in “Inglorious,” he denied rumors of uniting former action-film competitors Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film. "No, I never said that. I’m a big fan of both those guys, but all that is just rumors. All these casting things that everyone’s been saying is just complete speculation."


What isn’t speculative, however, is Tarantino’s desire to someday make a third “Kill Bill” epic, this time following the story of the Bride’s daughter, B.B. (actress Perla Haney-Jardine), when she becomes an adult and confronts the violence that surrounded her youth. “That would be the third one,” Tarantino enthused. "I’d have to wait about 10 years. Uma’s got to get 10 years older, the little girl has to grow up and everything. And then we’d do the next chapter in the ‘Kill Bill’ series."


Then there’s another long-term project, the tentatively titled “Vega Brothers” film that would team Vincent Vega (John Travolta in “Pulp Fiction”) with his brother Vic Vega (Madsen in “Reservoir Dogs”) in a prequel-ish story featuring the original actors. “I could do it,” Tarantino said. "I’ve actually figured out a way, even though the characters have gotten older, to do it. I just have to have the ambition to write it."

Asked what this ingenious twist would be, Tarantino would only flash his famously mischievous grin: “If I told you that, then I would never write it at all.”


That interview is 4 months old dude.

old interview just I never read that q confirmed that sly an arnie are just rumours?

I never read that- so I appreciate. I think Tarantino needs to plough on with Inglorious. I think everybody wants to see what he can do with a World War 2 movie.