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QT had an earlier interview about kill Bill that i dont think i found in here so here’s the link:

i dont know if im just waisting time and posts here but i never found this interview.


Yeah that interview was posted a while back.

Yeah shit i thought so as soon as i posted the damn thing.


good interview though right?


hehe, but at least you did the right think and posted the link and not the entire interview :wink:

i will have a summer break of 6 weeks, in about 4 weeks. i will spend some time on the website to make all the information more accessible. the “interviews” section is at “the archive” …whatever, i have to work on it.

Post links to QT Interviews you find on the internet, thank you

(can someone download that video or something?)

in the download section: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … tcat&cat=1”></LINK_TEXT>

Thats some great stuff! what other interview does Q talk about what X-mas present he wanted as a kid, or Cap’n Crunch mouth! or his first crush! well most actully… ;D

yeah its a very nice interview. if you to to resources->interviews you find the text version of this

What the?!? the cast list’s Jason Biggs, Jacqueline Bisset. Bisset fair enough… but who would she play? maybe the nurse? although she was written as being black. But Biggs what the fuck! I hope he aint thinking about him for I.B!..

this topic is over 2 years old!

Yeah I did kinnda notice that… just interesting… also note Warren Beatty as Bill. Just interesting