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Innocence (France - 2004)

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Has anyone else seen this film? I found this award winning art film very interesting, though slightly disappointing. It’s slow, but it has a great dreamlike atmosphere. Innocence is a story of a girls’ school located in the middle of a forest. Girls are brought to the school in a coffin, and they are never allowed to leave or to have any visitors. The movie is shot from the view of the children (aged 6-12), and there’s only a couple of scenes that feature adults.The whole film is very symbolic. The audience is never given straight answers. When I saw this at a movie festival, the director (Lucile Hadzihalilovic) was asked to explain the film, but she said she doesn’t have the correct answers, everybody has to draw their own conclusion of what this film is really about.

damn, it was on tv here some days ago… didn’t see it. but i dont like these slow movies where you fall asleep :slight_smile: