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Ingmar Bergman has passed away

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Ingmar Bergman is best known for both writing and directing films such as:

“The Seventh Seal”

“Fanny & Alexander”

“The Virgin Spring”

"Through a Glass Darkly"

and “Cries and Whispers”

Ingmar died peacefully at his home in Fårö, Sweden. He was 89 years old.


It´s a sad day in swedish film-history :’(. The only big swedish director

There’s a documentary today about him on Swedish TV. It’s on STV 2 - 20.00

God darn, i missed it. :frowning:

Didn’t even know he was still alive, but R.I.P.

No!!! R.I.P.

Damn it. I was still getting over Edward Yang’s death just recently and then I heard about Bergman in class this morning. What a shame. RIP Ingmar.

He was kinda ill during his last days, RIP Bergman, but I guess that’s better than any illness.

Do the Sweden pay him a huge homage or is it quiet ?

It’s a three part documentary, second part today on swedish television. DN (a newspaper) let their entire culture section (30 pages or so) be filled with actors and swedes in the filmindustry talk about him and how they influence him and they talk to his friends and fans and his theater career (It was great i’m saving the paper). there’s stuff all over swedish news sites about him, and they’re showing his films on tv. So yeah, it’s pretty huge.

I missed the two films that played yesterday and today because they show them soo fucking early plus I don’t like watching movies on TV, I prefer dvd’s. I’m gonna buy some Bergman films ASAP.

They just showed an amazing Bergman interview with Dick Cavett on tcm. Also they have this beautiful “Remembering Ingmar Bergman” commerical.

Michelangelo Antonioni passed away too, yesterday. RIP.

Careful With That Axe Eugene.

What the clip from? what movie?

Zabriskie Point

I can’t believe two great masters passed away at like the same time. Exactly one month after Yang passed away. Is it just me or have an obscene amount of great directors passed away recently. It wasn’t that long ago that Imamura and Altman died.

RIP Michelangelo.

Zabriskie Point

Thank you very much.

Michelangelo Antonioni passed away too, yesterday. RIP.

RIP Antonioni too.

Ingmar Bergman and Michaelangelo Antonioni both passing away within a few days of each other is sad news indeed. ‘Persona’ and ‘The Passenger’ are brilliant works of cinema. Nowadays it is difficult to make films-as-art without falling into the pretentious up-own-arse trap. But let us not be down hearted we still have the likes of Alain Resnais and Jean Luc Godard making films. There must be something in the vin rouge.

Criterion talks about Ingmar Bergman:

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One of the greatest moviemakers in movie’s history. But everybody has to leave. Just like Pavarotti today. And Ulrich Mühe few weeks ago. Rest in peace, all you great artists.