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Inglourious Basterds Official Website

Just jumped on the website and found some bitchin’ new stuff but when I went to post about it, no topic. So here it is.

New features include an updated main page with links to cool new character pages (and they replaced Omar Doom’s character with Shosanna, happy day). And a pretty cool wallpaper where you can select a bunch of bakgrounds and characters and text for a custom wallpaper.

cool. maybe we can also gather some links. in The Archives I already posted links to the German official site etc, but there must be more. Usually we’re missing official pages all over the globe whenever a movie comes out, because those pages are hard to find on google. With all the flash shenanigans that the companies use, they don’t lend themselves easily for SEO (search engine optimization). then do they learn that nobody cares about all this animated flash stuff? we want information and quickl loading times, “share on facebook” buttons and an RSS feed with updates… oh wait, like The Quentin Tarantino Archives! :wink:

Interesting a fan site is more effcient than the official one.

On the official website you can create your basterd wallpaper.

Click on Downloads then on Basterds Builder. Have fun!!

Its looks cool, thanks for sharing :wink: