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The Inglorious Bastards (1977)

AKA Deadly Mission,The Counterfeit Commandos, G.I. Bro, Glorious Bastards

A Film by Enzo G. Castellari


Bo Svenson Peter Hooten Fred Williamson Ian Bannen Michael Pergolani Raimund Harmstorf Jackie Basehart Michel Constantin Debra Berger John Loffredo Donald O’Brien Peter Boom John Stacy Massimo Vanni Angelo Ragusa Manfred Freyberger Enzo G. Castellari

The notorious Italian action guru Enzo G. Castellari made a World War II movie back in the 70’s.

Five soldiers, including Fred Williamson (1990: The Bronx Warriors, Steele’s Law), Bo Svenson (Thunder Warrior, Brothers in Blood), Peter Hooten (2020: Texas Gladiators), and two guys who look like Tom Savini and Michael Keaton are sent to a prison away from the 1944 western front. Their convoy is destroyed en route by German bombers and their vicious psychopathic commander John Sinclair (Keoma, Hitch Hike) is killed. The group then sets off toward the Swiss border across France, which is still largely under German control. Along the way they run into German deserter Raimund Harmstorf (that meany deputy guy in Thunder Warrior 1 & 2), who helps them as a sort of guide. The group gets in all sorts of tangles with German squads, German commanders (one of whom is played by my favorite overractor Donald O’Brien of Doctor Butcher M.D. and Trap Them and Kill Them), French Resistance forces, and even fellow allied soldiers in a few instances. All this results in thousands and thousands of dead people left in the trail of these six men. A few ordeals come up and get solved in various wacky ways.

By the midpoint, however, Castellari’s trademark tons of slow motion has not yet come into play, curious… Then comes along this slam-bang train sequence at the end which is so incredibly well done, that it saves the entire movie! The film really ends with a bang and, up to then, will have you guessing which members of the team walk away.

It took a while to get going, but I really got to dig this movie. The excellent use of slow motion towards the end, the explosive action scenes, and the fleshed out, well developed and non-clich’ed characters all really added to the experience. Keep in mind it is a cheesy Italian action film, which really means nothing other than it is a ton more fun to watch (pretty damn funny at times), an all-star international cast, and a lot of surprisingly good sequences.

I really don’t want to give any of it away, but The Inglorious Bastards has several high points and low points, the lows easy to ignore and the highs pretty damn cool! If you don’t agree that watching a movie like this is a good time, then you may as well go out and dig a really deep hole in the ground and throw yourself inside it, as this world could really stand live without you! I’m just kidding on that last bit, but hell if you have seen Castellari’s other work (such as Keoma and Escape from the Bronx) and liked it as much as I did, there is no doubt in my mind you will get a kick out of this movie. Enzo G. Castellari must be greatest director who ever lived… yes, GREATER than Fulci or Argento. His movies are so incredibly watchable and wacky enough so you can watch them several times and not get bored.

The point is, these old action movies from the late 70’s, early 80’s are almost always passed off by the usual video store patron as “garbage”, when actually you can tell more effort was put in to them to entertain. …NOT just to make a few million bucks like the Armageddons and Godzillas of today. Anyway, this is a rare action flick which more people should see, especially fans of Italian action and people who thought “Saving Private Ryan” was a bit too overblown.

NOTE - This movie was quite surprising in its depiction of war so ridiculously action packed and fun to watch. It was the common trend by that time to make war movies all powerful and shit, take Apocalypse Now or The Deer Hunter (made the same year). Gotta love those Italians, they know what a fun film is all about.


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Trilogy Note: (10/30/03) In an interview in the latest issue of “Vanity Fair,” Quentin Tarantino reveals that one of the projects he worked on in the six years in between the releases of Jackie Brown and Kill Bill Vol. 1 was trying to hammer ‘Inglorious Bastards’ down as a script. In the process, however, he ended up not writing one script, but three feature-length scripts which he now plans on actually filming as such, rather than doing just one. Some of the questions that remain unknown are if all three films will be called ‘Inglorious Bastards’ (Volumes 1 through 3?), if ‘Inglorious Bastards’ is just the name of the first film, if the stories are complete separate, if they feature the same core group of characters, or if they are all basically the same, really-long story, broken out into three parts. Another question to ponder is… will QT try to film all three movies at once, back-to-back?

(posted by HattoriHanzo04, Nov 7th 2003)

rumored cast:

Adam Sandler

Michael Madsen (as Babe Buchinsky a hommage to Charles Bronson’s real name)

Bo Svenson (he was also in the original one)

Julie Dreyfus

The film is a hommage to Inglorious Bastards from 1977, an italian ww2 film by Enzo G. Castellari.

More info on the old and new IB:

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Ify posted:

Here is part of an interview of Quentin Tarantino I am going to copy from a magazine I recently purchased…

Q. You’ve got the script written for Inglorious Bastards - what’s your take on WWII? Obviously it will be different from anything we’ve seen before.

It’ll have a very epic feel. It’ll be my take on the sociological battlefield at that time with the racism and barbarism - on both sides. On the Nazi side and the American side and the black soldiers and Jewish soldiers and Nazis and the French, because it all takes place in France.

Q. Is it just after D-Day?

Yeah, depending on exactly how I end up finally struturing it but there are sequences that happen before D-Day - I’ll have little things like ‘One Year After Occupation’, and 'Four Months After Occupation. ‘Two years Before Occupation’ - that kind of thing, but the thrust of the story will happen after D-Day.

Q. Are you shooting it in Spain?

I don’t know where I’m going to shoot it. We’ll figure out where I’m going to shoot it when I’m 100 per cent go on it. The other thing about it is, again, it’ll kind of be my spaghetti western too. It’s the one time in the 20th Century where that almost kind of spaghetti western, barren no man’s land, landscape happened with the Nazis taking over countries.

Q. It sounds like Kelly’s Heroes…

Kelly’s Heroes is a real lark. I never felt like it was that much of a spaghetti western, it was more of a caper film. I want it to be more like what The Good, The Bad And The Ugly was to the civil war.

Basically it says ‘With Quentin already written her into his next venture’ also in an interview Julie was very flippant about it she said “He said he wrote a part for me in his war movie, but so far I havent read anything”

Q: We are told that Warren Beatty was on the brink of starring in Kill Bill before you changed your mind. You had picked Beatty to play villain Bill, but plumped for David Carradine instead after reading the veteran’s autobiography. Comment.

A: Warren was a good choice and would have been wonderful in the movie. But at the same point as I was writing, I read David’s autobiography, Endless Highway , and it made me think that he could really play Bill. But I have made a promise to myself that Warren will star in my next film.

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= QT even owns the rights to the old one

I asked Bo Svenson:

Hello Bo

I just found some pictures of one of your early movies on the internet.

Remember “GI Bro” aka Inglorious Bastards? I was wondering if you could

provide me with some words/memories or something about the film. Would

be nice to publish that, some kind of “looking back” interview.

Looking forward to your answer.

He replied:

Hello Sebastian,

It was a wonderful experience. Enzo is a terrific director and a great guy.

I had a really fun time while making this movie.

All the best,


This might be false, but on IMDB it says Michael Madsen’s character is called Babe Buchinsky. Isn’t Babe a girl’s name?

Ha ha, well I just looked at the triva for Inglorious Bastards and it says this…

Michael Madsen’s character’s name is a homage to Charles Bronson, who’s real last name is “Buchinsky”.

[quote=“Tarantino Forum Admin”]
I asked Bo Svenson…

You know Bo Svenson??

yes. i am not friends or anything. but we know each others email adresses

[quote=“Tarantino Forum Admin”]
yes. i am not friends or anything. but we know each others email adresses

and how have you got his email adress ?

i dont remember. somehow i ended up interviewing him which you can read in the news section of the main website

[quote=“Seb Himself (admin)”]
i dont remember. somehow i ended up interviewing him which you can read in the news section of the main website

seb, you’re the man !

I must quite interessing to know someone in the movie buisness, musn’t it ?

Anyone can email Bo Svenson

That is probably why Seb knows his email address, I doubt if Bo remembers his

Anyone can email Bo Svenson

That is probably why Seb knows his email address, I doubt if Bo remembers his

i think he does. we talked quite a few times. and as far as I can remember, he contacted me, and not vice versa. he seems to be a very cool guy, albeit he doesn talk much.

He contacted you BECAUSE you asked him some questions about IB.

He contacted you BECAUSE you asked him some questions about IB.

Can’t you ever post anything positive? For fucks sake, get a bf or something, or try to ‘get some’, you are pissing me off with all this negativity shit you’re bringing here, go do more research on Julie Dreyfus or something!

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I wasnt speaking to you, you common as muck arse licker.

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