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Inglourious Basterds Anonymous

Yes, if you have been affected by the wait for Quentin’s next movie, then this is the place for you.

So many of us are too excited to sleep and even when we can get to sleep, our dreams are interrupted by thoughts of IB. It’s spreading like flu, the wait may take victims as some have even decided to freeze themselves until the release of IB.

Stand and be counted. My name is Cyd, and I’m a basterdholic.

My name is Lujancio and I am a basterdholic too, but my case is worse cause I am from Spain and I have to wait a month more than you guys…

I’m in London, and have to wait too long too. I don’t think I’ll be strong enough…

My name is Ify, and I’ve been a Basterdholic for 6 years. However, I’m obsessed with quite a few other things as well. For example, I’m currently in a state of bliss after hearing Eminem’s new album - RELAPSE. ;D

I am hearing it now too. :slight_smile:

duh…im dyin to see it but duno if it wil b releasd here in malaysiaa!!!

Another one here in Greece! The movie is released here on August 27 and I intend to wait one more day in order to watch it on my birthday. Maybe I’ll watch it twice one on 27 and one on 28! The last month is torture. All these scenes, reviews, OST… It’s like a huge cake or something that you can observe and smell but you’re not allowed to touch!

Damn, QT has a pretty big International fan base it seems. Here in America it’s a “love Him, or REALLY REALY REALLY Hate Him” kind of thing.

I’ve literally had an argument with a friend once about how cool QT’s films were. He referenced Kill Bill and Jackie Brown and actually said that QT wasn’t really a good director. I proceeded to notify him that that big black and white picture he had on his wall of Mr. Pink on the floor pointing a gun at Mr. White was from the film Resevoir Dogs. He said he knew, and that its one of his favorite movies. Then I told him QT directed it and he didn’t believe me. Same with Pulp Fiction.

Two weeks later he was asking me if I had seen Death Proof and what I thought of it.

American audiences are fickle. They like to be told what to like and when something awesome comes along they like to be sure that what they are seeing is awesome by making sure their peers like it.

My name is Dutch and I’ve been a Basterd for more than 14 years now. It might not be as “risque” to be a QT fan anymore, but with what I’ve seen so far with IB, I know I’ll be front row midnight screening on August 20th.

i’ve been a basterd for 5 years now and live in germany. can’t write to much now cuz i’m on cold turkey…go now to watch a fult tilt boogie…see ya :slight_smile:

as August 21st comes closer I get more and more excited every day. I was a little turned off after seeing the teaser for the first time, I didn’t like Brad Pitt’s accent… since then I’ve gotten over it and now I’m definitely a basterd - with an e! I never knew who Quentin Tarantino was until 2002 when my suitemate had me watch Reservoir Dogs in college (in QT’s city of birth, nonetheless). Ever since then Tarantino’s been my favorite director.

Another basterdholic here. This film is really starting to increase my general level of anxiety. I keep staring at the QT section of my shelves with the nagging sensation that the movie I want to watch isn’t there. Sometimes I manage to put in another flick, but I have difficulty maintaining interest. Usually I just give up altogether and go back to wasting my time on the internet. I listen to my soundtrack every day, but I still can’t wait for the official version. Occasionally I start to read the script again, and then decide I don’t want it to be too fresh in my memory when I do see the movie. I truly hope I can find some other obsession to occupy me for a while, because three more months of this will be sheer torture. The bitch of it is, I know that even once the movie is out I still won’t be satisfied until it’s on that damned shelf and I can watch it any time I need to.

My name is Cherry, and I suffer Basterd-mania. (Australia Based)

As if the archives and forum haven’t been enough to rev my engine …

I went to the cinemas tonight, and they had a massive IB coming soon display, I stalked down the manager, and gave him $200 to keep the display when it goes down and hand it over to me! SO FUCKING EXCITED! Hell knows where I’m gonna put it all, as it’s gargantuan (see what I did there, eh?).

Life size cut outs of Eli Roth, BJ Novak and Brad Pitt! I think I may faint. If I don’t post for a few days, please know I will have been admitted to a psych ward for Basterd-mania related hysteria.

“A Basterd’s work is never done”

Hell knows where I’m gonna put it all, as it’s gargantuan (see what I did there, eh?).

By so rarely having an opportunity to use it in a sentence, you managed to use it in a sentence?

I couldn’t resist.

Hy I’m Kenneth and I’m a Basterdholic.

I’m coping with the Basterdolism with all kinds o distractions: Big meals, watching TV and movies, spending hours on the internet (mostly YouTube), and playing Plants vs. Zombies. As a result, I gained a lot of weight, and I’m a master at Plants vs. Zombies. I will visit my parents and my old home the next couple of days, maybe that will do some good and distract me some more.

I will only have a rich and fulfilling life again after I’ve seen Basterds in August.

All chime “Hiiii Kenneth”

hey baby. You’re lookin fine. I know some good distraction for me and you. In fact I’m distracted already. You a nurse? Heal me woman, I got a bad case over here! What do you say you and me…um…get something to eat after this session?

Are there any donuts around here?

That was spooky on two levels.

No bullshit, I am eating a cinnamon donut right now. And I am actually a nurse, except I dont kill people like Elle Driver.

except I dont kill people like Elle Driver.

I’ll mark that as a plus.

Well I’ve never had a patient die on me yet. Guess i have the magic touch.