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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

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Steven Spielberg


David Koepp (screenplay)

George Lucas (story)

Release Date:

22 May 2008


Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Cate Blanchett, Shia LaBeouf, John Hurt, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent.



I haven’t properly watched the first three since I was very young, but I suspect I’d be too old to think they’re really great now. However, I do have certain memories of fondness about them. I’m not sure about this one, and it has a really stupid title.

David Koepp! I like his movies: Jurassic Park, Mission Impossible…I guess those are the only ones I know but still.

I’m really exciting about this movie, especially cause we still don’t know what role Cate Blanchett is gonna play.

David Koepp must have written a real cool movie. I’m sure no fan will be disappointed !

Shia Lebouf is also in the movie, the crazy Jew who loves Walgreens. He can act though, he isin’t that bad.

I’m not that such a great fan of him, I’d have loved to see someone else but I’m sure he’ll be okay in the movie. It’s not that bad that he was casted.

How old is Harrison Ford anyway, like 60?

Some good stuff here, including 8 videos. Check them out.

Fuck yeah! :-*

I love it when Spielberg makes these adventure films, unlike War Of The Worlds which was too …crappy.

I’ve already seen the pics, looks promissing, really. I love how they all seem to have a lot of fun as if this movie was some kind of reunion of kids :stuck_out_tongue:

The second most anticipated film in 08! Diary Of The Dead is my first.

Lets hope that Michael Bay hasn’t rubbed off on Spielberg.

From Joblo :

You knew it was coming eventually, but I didn’t think we’d be getting it this soon. It’s the INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL issue of “Vanity Fair” complete with interviews with all the major players and photos by the legendary Annie Leibovitz. Vanity Fair has put a preview online, which includes our first look of Cate Blanchett as the villainous Agent Spalko. We also get a behind-the-scenes video from the photoshoot, which you can see below. Of course, this is just a small taste of what you can expect from the actual issue itself, which should be on newsstands soon. Check it out below and head to Vanity Fair to read the whole article.

The Vanity Fair article :

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Check out the pics on Joblo, Cate Blanchett is gonna be AWESOME !

Cant wait to see this. Ive been an Indy fan since I was 6 or 7. I saw them all at the movies. I remember when Raiders came out and I bought the comic book adaptation of it. I wish I still had that!

I had the comic book too but I was so disapointed. But Indy was clearly the movie, which inspired my bro and I to play in the garden as adventurers. We used a tent (which was all wet if it was raining at night) and spent nights in the garden, my parents prepared us meals in some military metal cookware that we ate during the day, we had some specials clothes only for such adventure games, ahaha.

How old is Harrison Ford anyway, like 60?

65… 66 this year i think…

I guess Spielberg and Ford finally got over Lucas’s wanting skulls as the plot device… it only took like 19 years…

Liked it a lot. Not sure how well it will play on those with small home screens.

I never understood what was so “magical” about the Indiana Jones movies. But anyway, here’s my comment on the new one copypasted from the track your pictures thread;

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull 7,5/10

I never understood what was so great about the Indiana Jones movies. They are just good action adventure movies inspired by the 40s adventure flicks, nothing more. I never saw the 3rd one, but the new one is by far the best Indy movie yet. Most of you would disagree with me but keep in mind that you most likely saw your first Indy movies when you were younger, and now several layers of nostalgia make you think the first movies are SOOO much better than the new one, which they are not.