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In News Today for all you Tarantino Fans

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(Try using a translate service for all you subtitle Inglorious Basterd Fans.)

Savage Negroid (I can use this term seeing as your ‘Leader’ isn’t afraid of using the term repeatedly and without warrant) working as a nurse in a care home for the comatose rapes a women who is paralysed in Germany and gets her pregnant, the world ignores this story and certainly it isn’t fit for cinematic screening, or is it…

Tarantino makes a film where a White red neck named Buck also a nurse for the comatose, rapes and pimps a paralysed women (The Bride). She however is barren and not likely to have to go through a suzerain c-section and her family aren’t likely to make millions of dollars prosecuting a minimum wage rapist for full damages in order to pay for all the surgery, care and legal fees…unlike Tarantino who wasted millions on Kill Bill Vol1.

Read the News today it happened in the real world. ZOG Media its what you worship.

So, because some fucked-up dude raped a coma patient in some other country, it’s Quentin’s fault for putting a fictional situation similar to it in Kill Bill years prior? WTF? You’re an asstroll.

Lets consider this for a moment, if Quentin can piss away millions of dollars on a film that features some White Red Neck Texan raping a comotosed paitent and actually get paid to do so, gets praise from idiots that clearly love his material and even go so far as to set up web forums to worship him through…then why hasnt the real life victim,hero,‘The Bride’ been given the time of day by you fanboys, and even better why hasnt Tarantino paid that person (and there are more cases like this) for ‘living his vision’.

Maybe the EDITED BY GEOI rapist saw Tarantinos film and then thought “hey I can do dat, gibs meh sum o dat dere braindeed white wimminz” and believed he could get away with it.

Because it’s a fucking movie, moron. You’ve been officially warned. One more racist comment and you’re fucking gone. That sort of shit is UNcalled for and will not be tolerated.

If you’re not a Tarantino fan, then you have no business on a Tarantino Fan Forum anyway… Unless you’re just here to cause trouble.

Wait a minute, how can I be the problem needing censorship when Tarantinos cut of True Romance has a very derogatory racist scene in it featuring resident EDITED BY GEOI Samuel L Jackson talking about cunilingnus and how Whites are sexual perverts.

How do you cheer on Tarantino’s work when they are loaded with Racist terms?

Anyway I digress, you seem to have forgotten my previous rant about Inglorious Basterds and how it is propaganda designed to get a reaction. Maybe Kill Bill Vol 1 just got into the EDITED BY GEOI head and he is the ‘victim’ of Tarantino programming? O0

Anyway you look at it, the real world crime is far too simular to the scene in the film there is obviously a link.

PS you missed the word RED NECK as you scrabbled to appease those anti-racist knee jerk behavioral issues of yours.

CONGRATS Sport! You just got yourself banned! And I AM a tried and true, Right-Wing, Conservative “REDNECK”, so fuck-off.~Geoi

[quote=“ZOG MEDIA”]CONGRATS Sport! You just got yourself banned! And I AM a tried and true, Right-Wing, Conservative “REDNECK”, so fuck-off.~Geoi[/quote]

Oh, you go girl!

::slight_smile: I can keep banning you, and whatever IP addy you use. Don’t you have better things to do, like masturbating to pictures of Hitler?