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[IMPORTANT] - FAQ - Website/Security/Computer tec topic

This topic is a collection of Questions and Answers that deal with computers tec, especially the internet, security and ways to make surfing easier, faster and better. These FAQ include tips and tricks for browsers, firewalls, operating systems and securty settings. Please feel free to email/message the admin (me) if you have questions on this.

Q: Is a secure website?

A: The websites that belong to are made and maintained by myself and friends. I personally guarantee that they do not contain viruses or malware. Our constant goal is to make it easier for visitors to browse, so we’re constantly improving on stable and efficient code. No Spyware or ad popups are used.

Q: What web browser do you recommend?

A: We recommend Firefox because tests have proven its the fastest way to browse our sites. Firefox is one of the best and most secure and fastest browsers. We also recommend Opera or Apple’s Safari or Linux’s Konqueror. We strongly recommend AGAINST USING Internet Explorer. IE is slow, insecure and doesn’t work standard-compliant.

Q: How do I make my Windows XP more secure?

A: 1) Don’t use Internet Explorer 2) after using another Browser set IE’s security level to high 3) Get Service Pack 2 4) Use a personal Firewall 5) Use a Virus Shield 6) Don’t use Outlook Express 7) Use your brain when you surf the web or open emails

Q: Why is Microsoft Outlook Express not recommended?

A: For the same reason experts don’t recommend Internet Explorer (IE). Outlook uses IE as way to display sites, and is built into Windows, the security is pretty low

Q: I have heard of tools like XP Antispy or Xpy. Should I use those?

A: Those tools are recommended for expert users, or users that know a lot about Windows. Use these tools with care, please consult documentation or internet help sites for these programs.

Q: What about Instant Messengers? Which ones are good, which ones bad?

A: All messengers are good in different ways. You should consider the possibilities that AIM, ICQ, YahooIM and other corporate-backed Messengers contain adware and gather user statistics. Messengers like Trillian make it possible for you to use all those messenger networks without using their messengers. Also take a look at open source software like Gaim for example.

Q: I have Norton Antivirus which came with my computer. Is this a good antivirus program or should I get something more efficient?

A: Norton AV is pretty popular and if set up properly should give you excellent Virus protection. The key is updating this at least on a weekly basis. Only if Norton knows all modern viruses, it can protect you from them. Auto-Update is available in Norton Configuration menu.

Q: How do I obtain a firewall?

A: Most personal firewalls are sufficient for personal use and are usually free. A good example is ZoneAlarm Personal Edition you can get from - it works pretty good and is free of charge. The Professional version has more features but is not for free.

Q: How do I know if email is dangerous?

A: If you get emails from senders you never heard of, with subjects that seem dubious or with attachments that you dont expect from anyone, dont open them and find a way to check them out in your email provider’s web interface, those usually let you see if they are spam or ham. Always be careful with email attachments!!! If your email provider allows, switch on Virus protection and spam filters!

Q: i keep getting the same e-mail from microsoft’s security department telling me to download this patch, but when i scan the attachment it says it may contain a virus. so i delete it. but microsoft keeps sending it to me. you think i should open it?

A: NO! Instantly delete this! Microsoft NEVER sends emails to you. This is always virus or spam!

Q: How important are programs like Spybot S&D?

A: Programs like these let you search your computer for spyware or adware or trojans that are already on your computer and fix security holes. These programs are also recommended only for advanced users.

Q: I have AOL 9 with virus scanner? am I safe?

A: Aol is not everything. You have to keep your aol up to date, your windows up to date and your virus scanner up to date. you can also get a personal firewall.

Q: Why are browsers like Firefox or Opera faster than my old Internet Explorer?

A:These new browsers are made to run fast, they dont rely on ancient code that dates back to Windows98 and they deal with web code as stated in w3c standards. Internet Explorer messes around and doesnt stick to standards, and cant deal with CSS style sheets very good. Basically: Firefox good, IE bad :wink:

Q: How do I block AD banners in Firefox?

A: Right click and “block images from…” Also activate pop up blocking in Tools->Options

Q: What about MyIE2?

A: This is not a web browser, it is only a pack of extensions for Internet Explorer. It does not make surfing that more secure, it is still Internet Explorer

Feel free to post questions, I will include those in the FAQ.

This is one of the cleanest running sites i have seen in a long time, its organized as fuck. i love it

for those who followed this topic years ago, Firefox 3 is out, and it’s the best browser you can have. We clearly recommend that nobody in their right mind keeps using Internet Explorer