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IMDB has trivia for Vol. 2 (spoilers)


here’s a few things imdb has up on its trivia section for vol.2

for people who read the script alot of this will make sense

but these are spoilers so read at your own risk

-The chapter “Yuki’s Revenge” was cut from filming to accommodate a new chapter, “Massacre at Two Pines” that details the attack on The Bride.

-Also changed from the original script - the story of Pai Mei is no longer told in a Jeep on the way to the cruel master’s temple. Rather, it is now unfolded in front of a campfire somewhere in the Chinese countryside, the night before Bill and The Bride arrive. With the aid of a flute (one of the silent flutes from Circle of Iron), Bill tells the tale of Pai Mei in a “Peter and The Wolf” type fashion.

-The Lonely Grave of Paula Schultz is Chapter 8 of Kill Bill. There is a movie with the title Wicked Dreams of Paula Schultz, The (1968 ), a romantic comedy starring Elke Sommer as Paula and Bob Crane as Bill.

-Tarantino wrote a brand new scene in the middle of filming (in a spiral notebook in orange felt tip, no less) that replaces the gambling scene with L.F. O’Boyle. The new sequence is a flashback of the first assassination that The Bride ever saw Bill carry out.

-The character Pai Mei appears in several Shaw Bros Kung Fu films from the 1970s-80s including Hung wen tin san po pai lien chiao (1980). Pai Mei means “White Eyebrow”.

I was the one who found half those connections about a year ago when I read the script. As you’d see in my original Kill Bill Pop Culture Connections post. Ive also had them on my website for at least a year now.

Seb’s supposed to put the newer connections post together with my original one, but he hasnt done it yet.

Its a cool post and it would be great to have all the movie/pop culture connections put together.

Good, because I really wasn’t looking forward to the whole private casino/gambling scene.

what was the gambling scene about?

since it aint in the movie no more i guess its not a spoiler if i explain it, but just in case spoiler

the scene was soposed to be set up so it would be the very first time you see bill

****kind of a spoiler

cut scene

chapter 6

"she can bake a cherry pie"

Bill looks inside and sees a fancy hotel room converted into a crap game. A crap table has been erected in the middle of the suite. A woman is the head of the casino her name is L.F. O’BOYLE. bill has alittle trouble getting in with his sword and as soon as he walks inthey tell him it’s two hundred dollars for a membership fee, he pays and orders a beer they tell him its $20 for a dixie cup, he pays and decides to gamble he bets ten thousand dollars and throws gets a 7, he shoots all his winnings does this a couple of times and wins, his beeper goes off it’s elle driver paging him, bils attitude changes and starts calling L.F. on all the crooked shit thats been going down calls L.F. too damn greedy and he says he likes to take greedy people for everything they got, he says when he gets down with her “she wont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of” classic tarantino line L.F. says she’ll take his last bet but not with those dice, she hands him black die. she asks if he wants to change his bet and he says he does he wants to bet against himself everyone is shocked he shoots an hits… boxcars. he scoops up his winnings and asks to use the phone


(into phone)

Vernita’s dead? When?


What about her family?


Nice to see Kiddo hasn’t gone

completely apeshit. No idea where

she is?


Okay that did it, we’re going to

Texas and talk sense into Budd

before (BLEEP) makes him number


bill folds up his money and walks out…continued in other post

******continued this is a scene that was cut

a voice over comes on and its the bride

What L.F. O’Boyle didn’t know was,

the real game was just beginning.

Bill was on the job, and she was

the target. Now Bill was the

greatest assassin of the 20th

century. In fact the term HITMAN

was coined for him. And he rarely

performs actual assassinations

anymore. However every once in

awhile - to keep his hand in - he

does. Only he plays a game. He

doesn’t start big trouble…he lets

them start it. If they do, they’re

dead. If they don’t, not only won’t

he perform, he’ll take the hit off

the market. It’s kind of fun

watching people gamble when they

don’t know they’re gambling, isn’t


L.F. waits till she hears the elevators and says: "Get my money back. Don’t kill him. Chop off all his fingers."

five men rn out to get bill only to find him still in the hall with his hanzo unsheathed they unsheath their swords and he charges them rips thru them pretty quick and him a little showdown with the guy who gave him trouble at the door bill goes thru him. on the inside of the hotel L.F. is aiming a gun at the door waiting for bill to enter, a window she’s up against shatters and bills hand grabs her by the hair and pulls her outside dangling her outside of this 26th story window. bill asks “do you know a jessica?” she is too hysterical to answer “well she knows you”… he drops her and watches her untill he’s satisfied that she’s dead.

fade to black

that in a semi nutshell is the cut scene, i heard waren beatty had a problem with this scene, he didnt understand why he and everybody else would be carrying a sword. if only beatty was alittle more open minded but whatever Caine is a better choice i’m sure

I wasn’t looking forward to that chapter either. So does that mean that Lara Flynn Boyle will not be in vol 2.

Thanks for the info HellHound.

Well this scene isn’t really great though it’s not complete crap it just doesn’t seem to fit in. I’m glad that’s out.

Though I also think ‘Yuki’s Revenge’ doesn’t fit in, I still regret that that’s out. I want more psycho Yubari’s and since she was a twin, we would’ve gotten more Chiaki “Battle Royale” whats her name (you know GoGo). well too bad…

btw, isn’t the line “she wont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of” a saying or something, I’ve heard it before (in a movie, and once in a song I believe somewhere else as well). Well it still is a cool ass line though.

Yes, it’s a saying.

And I really liked the scene with L.F. Boyle. I think it fit in pretty well, just to show how bad-ass Bill is, but I guess that QT cut it out and put something else showing how bad-ass Bill is regardless. So… it’s cool.

Clearance said that “pot to piss in…” line in True Romance

I was kind of looking forward to Yuki’s Revenge, but it didn’t fit the story all that well. I just wanted to see a good gun fight showdown, and I thought that it was well written to be that, and it shows The Bride’s toughness once again, and that it is impossible to kill this bitch, but I know that my man QT has replaced it well, and that whatever he puts in its place, will be tight.

i dont know if anything can top the Bride vs. Crazy 88

The Crazy 88 scene with the Bride is probably the best thing about Kill Bill, but vol 2 is going to be such a treat I think, because of Elle and Bill. Those 2 fight are going to equal one Crazy 88 scene.

Damnit, i was looking forward to the hotel casino scene because not only was it cool, it was reference to Pulp Fiction because when Marcellus calls the Wolf, the Wolf is in a hotel room, and behind him in the backround is a illegal gamblin parlor. But the new scene sounds just as good, and since ive already read the screenplay, it will add some stuff thati wasnt expecting.

i was lookin over the cast for KB V2 and saw this in the cast

LaTanya Richardson … L.F. O’Boyle

thats samuel l jacksons wife i think

so is the casino scene in?..out? they already corrected that mike jai white’s scenes are deleted

can’t wait till the 16th

The Cherry Pie-chapter was really excellent - I would take it over Yuki’s Revenge and Da Moe anyday…

[quote]i was lookin over the cast for KB V2 and saw this in the cast

LaTanya Richardson …  L.F. O’Boyle

thats samuel l jacksons wife i think

so is the casino scene in?..out? they already corrected that mike jai white’s scenes are deleted ÂÂ

can’t wait till the 16th[/quote]

I remember seeing a behind the scenes with Sam L Jackson where he talked about how his wife came aboard before him, which brought him along for a cameo, but afterwards her part was cut, but he stayed. Never knew she was gonna play Boyle, though.