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If you like Kill Bill

Point Blank - Lee Marvin Remade into Payback

The Xiaoyao Valley: In The Song Mountains

Navajo Joe

Il Grande Duello


Tian xia di yi quan

Hao xia

Bruce Lee’s Game of Death

Year of the Dragon


Battle Without Honor

Circle of Iron

The Accidental Spy

Mr. Nice Guy

if you loved Kill Bill you’l like…

The Streetfighter

If you love kill bill, Azumi 1-2. and princess blade and zatoichi

Lets not forget:

The Killer

This Gun for Hire

Wild Bunch

Pat Garret and Billy the Kid

Godfather movies

Seven Samurai




Thriller a cruel picture


uhh… i realy should have seen at least one of these… ???

Dirty Weekend by Michael Winner the dude who made death wish

if you like kill bill, don’t vote for that kill bill vol3 competition. sequels just suck

If you like Kill Bill, chances are you’ll like every great genre movie ever made.

Danger:Diabolik. I swear when I saw Kill Bill 1, the style must be based on Danger, the Italian espionage flick by Mario Bava.

If you like kill bill you will like…

Master of the flying gulliotine

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The street fighter

They call her one eye (you might like this)

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Death rides a horse

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Sex and Fury 8)

[quote=“The Seb”]
if you like kill bill, don’t vote for that kill bill vol3 competition. sequels just suck

a sequel directed by QT wouldn’t suck. A sequel directed by some other guy whom Quentin has given the rights to or something wouldnt suck either because QT knows what he’s doing. And even if it would suck, would that hurt Vol.1 and 2? No.

i could never be against something that i love. and i love KB so i cant hate a possible sequel.

Uwe Boll for Kill Bill: Vol 3!!

Uwe Boll for Kill Bill: Vol 3!!
hooray! or lets wake Ed Wood from the dead and have him do it!!!

Uwe Boll for Kill Bill: Vol 3!!



Uwe Boll for Kill Bill: Vol 3!!

he might be the only director on earth who could something as awesome as KB and turn it into something god-awful. ;D

Kung Fu Hustle, Best movie ever made.

Kung Fu Hustle is the shit, when i first saw it i watched it like 4 times in one day

I love Shaolin Soccer too. Thats some of the most entertaining moviemaking ever. Stephen Chow rules.

you know, I was just watching Bloodsport… on the spanish channel, mind you. it actually has a pretty neat Sensei training the pupil scene in the Pai Mei sense (I know it’s kind of a staple of the genre but I thought this one was pretty fun) with the brutal training and then learning the ultimate move which the protagonist will use later to save the day.