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If QT had his own video game company,what games would you like to see made?

If QT owned his own video game development company, what witty X rated, R rated and PG rated video games (featuring horror, violence, sex and/or G rated games aimed at younger game players) would you want to see his company make, which don’t have to only be ones that’d be based on and/or relate to (but it’s fine if anything mentioned would) any of his previous or more recent films and film characters that you greatly admire.

You’re serious?

Ok, I’ve already thought about this, and I really want and Inglourious Basterds video game in the worst way. It’d be like GTA, cept with soldiers and set in WWII. It would be amazing.

Rockstar Games would team up with QT’s company and make Grand Theft Auto: Pulp Fiction. You would have to be Vincent or Jules and do jobs for Marcellus. That would be so awesome.

QT should have his own video game company, but instead of making games based on his movies, they should make videogames that are based in the QT universe, and also on the stuff he loves.

A Partridge Family videogame (like SingStar but with only P.F. songs)

Dukes of Hazzard racing game (2 already exist, but they suck)

then ther should be crossover games, where different characters meet each other. I could go on but im too tired…

I know where you’re going with that, Kenneth. Yeah. No doubt that it’d be awesome.