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Icons of cinema we should never forget!

Ok, there’s a whole slew of unrecognized actors that most of the general public don’t even know existed. I’ll start with my list of actors and directors of cinema that have been forgotten by the general public. You can add your list if you want, but seeing that this place is pretty dead, I’ll just do one myself:

  1. Anne Baxter

  2. Paul Muni

  3. Michael Curtiz

  4. George Sanders

  5. Clarence Brown

  6. Ernst Lubitsch

  7. Joseph Cotton

  8. Thelma Ritter

  9. Angela Lansbury

  10. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

  11. Agnes Moorehead

  12. Olivia De Havilland

  13. Melvyn Douglas

  14. Zachary Scott

  15. Gene Tierney

  16. Nic Ray

  17. Walter Brennan

  18. Mary Astor

  19. Walter Huston (the fucking best actor in the fucking planet. RIP)

  20. Barbara Stanwyck

  21. Lillian Gish

  22. Rex Harris

  23. Ida Lupino

  24. Frank Capra

  25. Linda Darnell

  26. Robert Mitchum

    Ok. I’ll process more in brain later. But the rest of you cn fill some more important names.