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"Ichi" (New Zatoichi-Movie, but not really, but, well . . .)

Directed bei Fumihiko Sori ("Ping Pong), but this time with a girl in the leading role!

22-year old Haruka Ayase has become famous for gravure-modelling in various idols-magazines, plus playing the character of Aki in the TV-Series-Version of japanese box-office smashing tear-jerker “Crying out love in the center of the world”.

Furthermore there’s no stunt-doubles for action-scenes. Or so they say. Instead Haruka Ayase had to take swordfighting lessons for a year.

Doesn’t look too bad:

  • Behind the scenes video

    Currently there’s not too much information around, but I will keep an eye open and post it up here, in case I find some. And you’ll certainly forgive me for posting some off-topic propaganda concerning Haruka Ayase in person:

Hardly “a new Zatoichi movie” (more like a spin off) but yeah, this looks bloody awesome. I Think. The truth is I can think of a million ways how this could go wrong but right now I don’t want to think of any ;D

They’d better not market this as something too closely related to Zatoichi… Kitano’s take was already a near disgrace… not quality wise, though. The Kitano film was awesome but Zatoichi is something you don’t fuck with. Not after Katsushin playing him in 25 movies and several (?) TV shows…

Hmmmmm… She’s nice! :smiley: She’s nice enough to make me want to watch it, though if it turns out to be a close spin-off, I don’t think even Haruka could save it. Katsu means a lot to me. He’s an actor as important as Mifune. I thought Kitano pulled it off. But a lesser filmmaker couldn’t.

Website and a teaser:

Now I got scared. I just saw the director’s 2007 film Vexille, and it’s some of the most intolerable scifi anime garbage available. It makes Appleseed: Ex Machina look like a good film.

I sure hope Ichi turns out better.