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IB tattoo

hi, I’m new. I’d like to have an INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS tattoo. Anyone thinks I’m crazy? any idea? for the tattoo, I mean. thank you

Get it on your cheek. That way you will regret it even more.

thank you, maybe I’ll take your advice, mr pink

Get 1 on each cheek.

well, it would be cool. inglourious on the right and basterds on the left. but I was thinkin about a drawn, like the poster, or maybe the words “send in the basterds”, maybe on my forehead cause it’s really big… ;D

anyway, thank you for your hilarious replies…

There are a lot of people that get movie tats. There have been quite a few Kill Bill tats posted that I’ve seen. I think it’s cool, but unless I wanted to get sleeved out, I don’t think I could get a tat of my favourite movies. I did sort of get a PAUL tattoo. That’s Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s new movie that’s coming out late this year. My best friend and I were invited to the set while they were filming and when we got back, we got alien tattoos that sort of represent PAUL.

So I guess I’m saying, if you want it, go for it. Just maybe don’t get a swastika tatted on your body… Little hard to explain, yeah? :wink:

yeah…I know one day I will regret all of my tattoos. And I’ m not really into a swastika. maybe something on my feet. thanks for your advice

You should make one that says “[YOUR NAME] is a Basterd”.

Also, I have a QT tattoo to. Here is a picture of it:

If you doing a QT tattoo you must have it on you’r feet. w#r

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I can’t see the image you posted. I keep thanking anyone for the replies. you guys rock

[quote=“alkaline3io”]I can’t see the image you posted. I keep thanking anyone for the replies. you guys rock[/quote]

He had another pic posted before that, but I had to take the link down cos it was seriously disgusting. I almost puked. :laugh: And it was age sensitive, so we can’t have that here.

I’ll go for “a basterds work is never done” but I like “send in the basterds” too. :-</E> ::slight_smile:

any suggest?

Uhhhh, the first one.