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IB casting meetup

I’ll be at the casting for extras today, 20th. (see frontpage news <LINK_TEXT text=“ … s-bastards”></LINK_TEXT>).

I doubt that anybody else from this forum will be there, but it’d sure be cool.



I will be there on 27th… :wink:

damn. I can’t on the 27th.

do you know anything cool to do in Berlin except watching The Dark Knight in IMAX in the Sony Center on the Potsdamer Platz?

I’m looking forward to Currywurst.

mmmmh currywurst :smiley: wow cant believe you guys are going there, would be amazing if u became an extra in a tarantino movie xD good luck fellas ^^

Sebby, are you going? You totally should. You’d get hired on your looks and perfect posture alone. ;D

aw thanks, Texan. but i’m not going :wink:

Tis a shame. :frowning:

arrr… 'tis indeed

Oh man you guys are so lucky to be living in Germany. I would go for sure.

I live in Austria, I drove over 8 hours there. ;D

but I also got to visit Berlin…

OK so I was there on Saturday, and they only took 3 pictures and took your data (name, adress, physical stuff) A huuuge line was waiting, but it was moving pretty fast anyhow, with only 3 pics to take.

Then afterwards everybody got a sheet that said that they will call you if they need you.

Currywurst was great, so was The Dark Knight in IMAX (but in german language, wtf >:()

Austria? you could’ve stopped on the way to say hello :wink:

I told you that I’m Austrian before :wink:

Maybe we just didn’t believe you Kenneth. :stuck_out_tongue: I am really really hoping you get picked though. :wink:

Maybe we just didn’t believe you Kenneth. :stuck_out_tongue: I am really really hoping you get picked though. :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:

It was funny, one of the casting ladies, after reading my info sheet said “From Austria? You came all the way here for the casting??” And I was like “Hell yeah”. lol

Ahaha, that’s cool. You guys amaze me… Your English is so perfect, in writing at least… I’d never have guessed that it wasn’t your native language.

hi guys. i got an email today that i was picked as an extra! no bullshit, man. i just have to confirm the dates and then i’m in!

shooting location will be at babelsberg studios in berlin. the extra role is one as a uniformed guest at a movie premiere in paris in 1944 (inside shooting). i have only read the first chapter of the script so far (to conserve the tension) but i know from reading here that there is a big scene in a french cinema. that most probably will be it!

shooting will take place between 14th and 30th of january. and that’s where the downer comes in. i must be available on the set for the whole two weeks. not sure yet if i can arrange that with my job right now. will try my best to convince my boss on monday.

anyone else who was picked as an extra here?

lode tried… i know someone else though. i’ll try to get you an email adress. c u in berlin!

Crazy Kenneth auditioned too, if I remember well.

Great news circus. Now go there and make us proud! ;D

Yeah I auditioned (read: they took 3 photos ::slight_smile:) but those Basterds never called me.

Probably only because you live so far away, and they want people that will not have any problem being there when needed. Sorry Kenneth.