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I wanna buy a four rooms DVD ..who has one?

hi, a newbie here…

would just like to know anyone who sells Four Rooms DVD…been looking for it for more than 2 years…

someone borrowed it from me and never returned it…so if ur asking if Four Rooms is worth buying, DEFINITELY YES!!!

NOTE : btw, am from quezon city philippines

Try ordering the DVD at some video store in your town. I think it would be much easier and cheaper than shipping.

P.S. Remove the second (duplicated) topic.

I just locked the other topic.

DO what he said, buy it at some cheap store or order it. And jsut for the info, you’re not supposed to ask any member to sell you something, we’re not supposed to do business here. Like we locked all the topics of new members asking to sell they own QT tees or stuff like that.

Anyway, welcome on the forum and I hope you’re not there only to buy this dvd. :wink:

yeah i mean if you’re looking for a used DVD, who knows, maybe someone will sell you one. but why not just go to Amazon?

look here:

you’ll find a list with DVDs