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I spoke to Rob Zombie

Not in person of course, but through 94.5 The Buzz on the Rod Ryan show. He talked about his new album and Halloween of course. After kissing up to him I asked him if he was considering to make his very own zombie film. It’s the new fad in town, I say. He agreed. With the pending releases of The Cell and Diary Of The Dead and not to mention Resident Evil Extinction…oh, and Invaders a crossover of Body snatchers and Night. . .anyway, he said he’s been waiting for the right time to make one. “It’s definately something I would love to do sometime in the immidiate future”, he said. And then they hung up on me and played a new track from his albums. I think Rob is capable of making a Fulci type of flick, he’s just that good.

"The bigger the cushin’, the sweeter the pushin’ "

Fucking A.

I HATED House of a 1000 Corpses with the most emotion I have in me.

But he redeemed himself with The Devils Rejects and Halloween looks as if it has some potiental.

House Of 1000 Corpses is a classic, I love Captain Spaulding, I know it has no sense of realism or dramatic structure like Devil’s Rejects, but it’s one hell of a movie. Rob is like the next Tobe Hooper combined with the artistry of Fulci with his use of gore.

One scene I liked in House was when Bill Molsey executed the cop, the scene just build up to that part and creates anticipation to what’s going to happen, when I first saw that many things flew through my head about what was about to happen and BANG dead.

There was more Sid Haig in Devils Rejects though, and not enough in Houses.

I thought The Devils Rejects was average. Never saw House of a 1000 Corpses. But Halloween is a giant piece of monkey balls.