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I plan to go in a virgin

I want to know as little as possible about the film. Outside of the trailer and the posters. I am avoiding scripts, critics and such. I want to bask in the whole experience of the film. Taking it all in as a new experience. It’s been a long time since I’ve approached a movie in this manner, but something tells me this film deserves to be savored.

I like, not love Westerns. Father use to read a lot of Zane Grey and I grew up on spaghetti westerns. I get the vibe of Petrified Forest from what I’ve seen, the brooding character of Humphrey Bogart would fit in perfectly. But that’s just my take so far.

I like the premise, I am trying not to have any expectations going in, but it will be hard. Still, December can’t come fast enough.

Absolutely! It’s taking me back to the first time renting Reservoir Dogs knowing nothing about it, except that I heard it was a good crime movie. I spent the entire movie trying to keep track of the characters, who was dead, who was alive, who was missing… Then by the end of it just being left with a dropped jaw, trying to make sense of everything that I had just witnessed.

I’m getting ready to relive that feeling! More than just a film, I’m anticipating watching the Hateful 8 for the first time being a real event!

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