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I love the clips I have been seeing

But now I am hearing about how they cut out Donnie’s big part which is probably the flash back and also I hear Maggie Chung’s character was cut as well?!?

If this is true can i see the links that says it

and also why! Why would QT cut these parts out, what went on in his mind regardless if studios wanted it shorter. Why the hell are these scenes/character cut, they are important to the movie and those scenes gives the characters depth. I really hope its not true or I hope he just didn’t have time to put it in cannes cause he wasn’t finished editing it cause QT has said he still has more editing to do before it hits theaters in august and i hope that doesn’t mean editing it DOWN! but adding more.

I believe one of the reviews I read mentioned something about the nitrate print warning, which is what Madame Mimieux admonishes Shoshanna over. So she may be in the film, or she may not, I doubt it would affect the film in any significant way, it’d be nice to see, but not integral.

Cant believe they cut Maggie Cheung and Donnies stuff out! Well, hopefully it will be in the Directors Cut on DVD.

And Cloris…

Sadly neither Cloris or Maggie showed up at Cannes :frowning:

Cloris is 83 even if she is in the movie I doubt she could make thru the grind at Cannes

If she can do Dancing with The Stars, I think she could do Cannes

The less we see of Eli Roth, the better. This movie is all about Landa, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue: