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I heard QT wanted to do a live action Lupin III film

When i was at Japan three years ago, i once saw a Japanese TV interview featuring Quentin Tarantino. I don’t speak Japanese, but Quentin gave this answer in English, if i recalled:

"Yeah i like animes. I’ve been watching them ever since, especially Lupin III and Dragonball. Man, Spielberg was right, that car chase scene in The Castle of Cagliostro was probably the best thing ever in a film. Heck, i’d always wanted to do a live action Lupin III film, if Mr. Monkey Punch allowed me to"

That sounds so cool, especially for a Lupin III fan like me. Quentin, if you’re listening, please make a live-action Lupin III film. It’ll be so awesome. I bet it’d be your very own Sin City, and i’d like to see either Rose McGowan, Hayden Panettiere, or Mary Elizabeth Winstead as Fujiko Mine.

QT says a lot of things. And Mary ain’t busty anough for Fujiko ;D

This is so laughable and unbelievable I hope it happens. I do love me some Lupin…